1. “Together” ? Yes but what happens then with Scotland and Northern Ireland dear Boris ?? It looks like the country is about shrinking though.

    1. @Harrysound A majority of the scots wanted to stay in the EU. Or are there many people in Scotland who didn’t vote?

    2. Mats K a majority of Scots wanted to stay in the UK also. That’s my point. I don’t believe they would leave the UK, certainly not now it’s clear that it would garrante what sturgeon has been calling a “Tory hard Brexit” for a few years now. I agree they voted to stay in the EU but it was a nationwide vote and 1 million votes to leave came from Scotland.

    3. @Harrysound BS. Majority of Scots will now vote for independence. Latest YouGov poll suggests this. UK government is no longer trusted.

    1. Boris planned it all ahead, Northern Ireland will go back to terrorism giving Boris’ gov a fatal blow, to his pleasure, releasing him to his new vacation mansion somewhere on some Caribbean island… leaving to some sucker the duty and blame for the debacle of the new few months and years.

    2. I’m looking forward to see the Irish Sea border…….lol
      maybe he’s thinking of building a floating wall.

    3. There’s still no plan. Zero. Every so often, Boris or some other bullshitter from his Cabinet will wander out and make vague, sweeping comments about plans for the North and how easy it will all be to sort out, immediately followed by our Taoiseach, or Tanaiste, or some other Irish Cabinet counterpart wearily immediately stepping out to the Irish media to say that, Sorry, Boris is (cough) mistaken there.

      The British people don’t give two shits about Northern Ireland, to be frank, which is significantly why the Leavers and Remainers alike – but by far and especially the Leavers – never, Ever bothered to discuss the North, even though that whole aspect of Brexit is the single most complicated part of Brexit, but –

      La la la not listening la la la la la.

    1. Those territories have been England back yard forever. It looks like Irish people don’t have balls to govern themselves, they’re proud of I don’t know what here in USA during Saint Patrick’s Day, but back home they’re nobody, just whiskey and potatoes 🥔

  2. Boris you got the job because no one in the party wanted to take on the mess … so why not make the clowns take the wrap

    1. Scotland needs to free ITSELF.
      GO FOR IT!
      Q sent me!
      Depend on God & each other, not government
      Dump the Globalist elite’s plan of dominance.

    1. Not at all …people identify with a different approach from these politicians….I hope he does well and puts the Great back into Britain

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