Boris Johnson wins vote, expected to be UK prime minister

Boris Johnson has been elected the head of the UK Conservative party and is expected to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. Johnson thanked outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, who stepped down from the head of the Conservative Party amid difficulties in securing an agreement for her Brexit plan, and talked about the tough tasks ahead for the UK.
Johnson will become the next prime minister if Queen Elizabeth II invites him to form a government, which she is expected to do in the next few days.

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    1. @William Cortelyou lol, is that the best democratic campaign can do…? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>cough

    1. @Stephanie Tihanyi and what was May? A traitor? Boris will implement the will of the UK for Brexit. Plain and simple. Why so triggered?

    2. @Kai T Who cares about “trolls” that is just another hip triggered victim lefti slogan. So when all the past members of the tories were chosen….. were you crying all over the net? ( of course since the incarnation of the net)
      May, Cameron etc….Oh keep the boarders open…. wonderful for the globalist companies who are loving the fact that Triggered lefties are crying and whinging about immigration. The globalists don’t give a dam who is in power. They just want to flood the US and EU (the 2 “stable super states”) & destabilise them with low-cost unskilled workers at the same time increase security to totalitarian levels to contain the perceived threat. (from the immigrants and the locals) . Look at Australia where they control the flow of skilled workers into the country. Allowing a ratio of unskilled in.

  1. 5 years ago, if I said Trump will be President and Boris will be Prime Minister of UK, I would have been laughed at for hours.

    1. @Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber I’ll give you one answer

      Which Wars started with nationalist aggression?
      Which ones weren’t?

      WW1, WW2, every Prussian fench war, the expansion into colonires of Japan’s economic Zone, Irish Civil War, Franco against his and Russia, (ALSO IS A LIST OF RSS )

      Answer B Wars that weren’t nationalist. The ones fought back against the tide of filth WW2 et seq, , for whom No Paseran! WAS REAL,, the White Rose plotters, ones that serve the nation that happy purpose gov’t serves.Al those fights for justice.

    2. @mct _ can you be surprised at your opinions then, Add the WSJ , NYT, London Times, BBC or another such into your way of devining truth.
      Thanks for the sraight answer thpo.

    3. LMFAOO the World Now Laughs at CNN And every Libitard Commie Scumbag who Wants to burn this planet to the ground, all these Countries now realize that Liberalism Destroys entire Countries, The world is turning RED And Trump is the Reason Our Great planet Will Kill off all The Leftist With there Hate and Agenda of destruction.

    1. Yay Trump! 1 trillion annual deficit and a record 102 million spent playing golf. Yep, he’s kicking Americans asses alright.

    2. It was members of the Conservative party who elected him – approximately 139 000 voters – not the people of the UK.

    1. @johnny towers I bet I know who you voted for..
      It’s kind of sad that every time someone makes a stupid comment you know there are a trumptard.

    1. Oh common! Who doesn’t lke the videos of easily offended pedophile child rapist kid fucker leftists whining screaming jumping up and down in anger acting like 3 year olds after Trump won? It was a comedy GOLD moment spanning several months, of course people want to experience that moment again. I whish we could do the same in Denmark too. So GOOD for the UK!

    1. @William Cortelyou No, Trump managed to bancrupt SEVERAL casinos. He’s the best at being the worst businessman. πŸ™‚

    2. William Cortelyou if Trump gets another 4 years we will have so many conservative judges and justices it won’t matter what the demorats do it will be overturned by the courtsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

  2. Did Boris Johnson get a haircut before this nomination ceremony?
    I ask only since I remember that he’s typically had longer hair in previous photos and videos (from what I can recollect).

    1. Yeah it looks like it, his grooming looks a bit more professional too in general. Tbh I would have done the same if I was running for PM.

    1. @YouWillbe Mocked HAAAAHHAAAHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHA! OH that’s good… new humour… never heard that one… such fun…original *and* witty! Pence… I see what you did there… TDS’s paranoia that he’s going to pull a Putin power-flip… aha. …. tumbleweed….you fanny.

    2. @Andy Crosbie Did you know, You can RELIEVE your TDS by inserting a FINGER into your POOP HOLE?

    1. @Grim Reefer And in that total chaos the economy will improve, people will report increased happiness and violent crime will decrease. The horror!

    2. @TheToledoTrumpton If that’s what you think will happen, oh boy, you are in for a surprise… I’ll never understand how people keep trusting fat rich guys that never worked in their lives, just look at his fat soft hands, yeah, he is going to make your life better with those soft hands of his. Just go back to play WoW…

    3. @TheToledoTrumpton Trump is ready to start a war. Tearing up a peace treaty good way to start a war.

    1. @WA Boom and I just wanted to make it clear to you and others reading this that he has not been elected by the people of the UK

    2. @WA Boom none, hopefully. I hope corbyn is ousted, which I think is closer than ever before now that his own party members are attacking him with the antisemitic critisism, and replaced with somebody that can do more than campaign. I’m not somebody that’s always been against him or his policies, I’ve always been a corbyn fan until he failed as leader. He ran an excellent campaign but corbyns strategy of do nothing, say nothing, take no position and let the tories destroy themselves has been useless and an dereliction of duty. It’s a shame that he’s probably the most effective campaigner, from any party, the country has. But has to be the least effective opposition leader in living memory. Ian Blackford from the SNP has been acting more as an opposition leader than corbyn and he’s been begging corbyn for action at every opportunity.

    1. Lonesome Earl πŸ‘ˆπŸ» BORIS IS THE β€˜SAME’ AGE AS THAT HAIRCUTπŸ§πŸ€”πŸ˜‰

    1. sloetree He is no clown, look at his record as London mayor. He has a wonderful unique sense of humour which people don’t expect from a politician. Watch him surprise people.

  3. Well, UK, now you have your own tiny dicked maniac with stupid hair to deal with. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations Mr Johnston. Now deliver Brexit. That’s ALL we ask. A British government ruling a British country and NOT by the EU.

    1. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson born in America, with a Russian name, made his career in Europe, married a German, unelected prime minister.
      Makes you proud to be British, eh!

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