John Dean: Mueller was not being very aggressive

Former White House counsel John Dean tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that he saw a number of signs that special counsel Robert Mueller was not aggressive in the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. #CNN #News


    1. TDS will be entered into the DSM Volume VI – it is a VALID MENTAL DISORDER (just like Homosexuality).

  1. Wow this mueller testimony is going to put a real shitter in the democrats agenda
    And most likely lower cnn America’s rating even lower

  2. Somebody look up robert willam fisher on google . Then if you reaconize him sumbit a tip at saying that you reaconise him from somewhere

  3. The American public should just buy and read the report. It’s only 10 dollars at Barnes and Noble.

  4. This is how you know CNN’s end is near when they get their information from criminals who spent time in jail

    1. Sammy Bolo
      The White House Occupant is lower, he is actually a CON ARTIST and a CRIMINAL as explained by Michael Cohen, the Muller Report and his daily actions!

  5. Yes 2yrs and 35 mil dollars wasnt aggressive enough lets do 6 years and 100 mil cnn garbage as usual

  6. I dunno… If we knew what Mueller’s going to say, I guess we wouldn’t have to have him testify…

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