Brave woman fights off male attacker while alone at gym | USA TODAY #Shorts

A 24-year-old woman successfully fought off a male attacker while she was working out alone at her apartment's gym. The man was arrested and charged.

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A Tampa woman who fought off an attacker at her apartment complex's gym is speaking out about her experience in the hopes that other women will feel more empowered.

Nashali Alma, 24, said she was exercising in her complex's gym, about 12 miles northwest of downtown Tampa, in late January when a man who looked familiar to her needed access to the gym, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said.

Alma said she let the man in because she had seen him in the gym before. But as she was working out, Alma told investigators that the man approached her and grabbed her waist. Alma said she yelled at the man to get away from her but he kept chasing her around the gym, police said.

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  1. 1. She let him in ignoring her instincts because her instincts are racist
    2. Her phone is a weapon she NEVER hit him with
    3. she is surrounded by weapons in the form of plates and dumbbells
    4. She never formulated a plan on what to do in exactly this kind of situation
    5. She needs self defense training because the next guy might be bigger and stronger and more determined
    6. Even though we are supposed to hold victims responsible for anything I suggest women stop wearing revealing yoga pants because the myth is rape is about power. But that is false and hides a fact few are willing to accept (like so many facts). Reality, rape is about sex.
    Read Tim Larkin when violence is the answer. Or not, and let yourself get effed over by a criminal.

    1. Nonsense. She recognized the guy as he has been in the gym before. Be glad she took care of herself. Your opinion is that a man can’t control himself when they see tight clothing… silly thinking

    2. It’s always about the what the victim should’ve done and not what the perpetrator should not have done. You know what, let’s to be cautious and assume every guy is a sex hungry creep, and that women have to dress up like nuns because of it. Is there any true evidence that suggests that wearing revealing clothing makes a woman more likely to be the victim of rape?

  2. The most telling or revealing thing is her saying “bro, what the eff are you doing?”. She called him bro which indicates I’m down with your struggle against racism and the rest, she doesn’t immediately recognize what is happening. She has no experience with amoral violence real or simulated. Add defense training to your gym routine.

    1. No dude, bro is just a colloquial term, what’s she supposed to call him? Sir? Obviously she realised what was happening and thankfully got away.

  3. Relieved he was fought off. Of course, and I hope this a helpful reminder, a knee or the kick in his balls would stop him dead and he’d be on the floor easily long enough for her to make an escape and then some. And I’m a male saying this, not from experience in a situation like this obviously! But we know they are extremely extremely sensitive and also give us power to procreate, a fundamental function of being a male so we’re gonna want to avoid being hit there as well as the extreme pain. Even a moderate blow or tap there is going to derail him at the least. I’m guessing she tried that though, I’m sure others would ask if this was tried too. Not necessarily straightforward to get a good aim depending on her and his position I’d say and if he’s trying to stop her doing so by positioning himself, but when it’s on target the result would be perfect. And of course it would be totally deserved given the threat to her. Her fighting skills are awesome, which totally got her through, and 100% merit for those, as the opportunity to go for his weakness between his legs wasn’t presenting. Understandably terrifying. I am keen on the idea of more single sex gyms as well. Apart from being a helpful option for females, it’s good for males too to help focus and comraderie, because a male has 2 minds, and it’s not a superior thing at all because one is a very powerful primitive one between our legs. No-one is going to want oneself, if one is approaching someone like that, it’s the farthest away from any kind of positive outcome, to have to try to force oneself on someone else because of a desire. That said I’ve heard healthy stories of people meeting normally through gyms, but that can’t be the primary initial reason, as it will often disappoint! If there is enough single sex gyms for both female and male I would guess the market may decide.

    1. Kicks to the balls don’t stop men dead all the time. That was what I did in my attack and it made him furious and he just punched me in the face . Sometimes it lights the fire. I went to martial arts training after that and we were told that in moments of adrenaline when men are on high alert and attacking you, they usually arent stopped by a ball kick, unfortunately.

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  5. Watching this video reminded me of a friend of mine. She suffered attempted rape while training outdoors. Luckily she used Krav Maga and managed to stop the man, who was arrested on the same day.

  6. This is my think the whole point of life pretty much. Underdog. Dudes supposed to be stronger. She SAID FUHHHHK NAHHHHH.

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