Justin Trudeau says he ‘regrets’ calling Ottawa protester ‘fringe minority’

When asked if he has any regrets about calling protesters in Ottawa a "fringe minority," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says "I wish I would have phrased that differently."

The Public Order Emergency Commission's report into the federal government's use of the Emergencies Act found that Trudeau's comments further emboldened some protesters in Ottawa.

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    1. Truth is truth regardless of choice of words. And what happened was wrong and has put more financial hardship on Canadians. He had no choice.

    1. In Canada we don’t elect leaders we elect a representative!!!

      We need a proper representative not someone who goes on national television and assumes titles and actually convinces the country that that is his title when it is not he is not a freaking leader

  1. Wow, I was going to congratulate him on him being humble this one time, but after hearing that signature words salad of his, it reminded me why I have so much disrespect for him.

    1. Right, was thinking the same. Like wow, he is going to humble himself, and then, right back to the stubbornness. His own worst enemy.

  2. The Emergency Measures Use Commission . Business a usual . The commissioner is Justin Trudeau’s uncle . What could one possibly expect ? Let’s be honest …. it’s a club and we are not in it .


  3. So to be clear. He doesn’t regret insulting and dividing canadians he regrets phrasing it in a way that could be used against him. You’re the prime minister for all canadians Mr Trudeau not just the ones that agree with you.

  4. Does he also regret locking the bank accounts of families so that they couldn’t feed their children because they didn’t agree with him?

  5. “Not just freshly from this commissioners report”
    If that wasn’t what it was, then why did you say it?

  6. the thief always regrets being caught
    he can burn in hell, this guy is getting away with literal murder, illegal imprisonment and take away people’s access to their money

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