Breaking down Joe Biden’s announcement | News sanctions coming for Russia

Breaking down Joe Biden's announcement | News sanctions coming for Russia 1


  1. “I think he (Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gate

  2. Hey President Biden, thanks for the moral support and prayers! I can see them taking effect already! I guess this is what the USA, UK, Germany and France were offering as a guarantee when you asked Ukraine to give Russia all of its nuclear arms for safe storage!

  3. It is really frightening to know he is the one who is president at this time. He does not know if he is in the world or not. Put realizes he can walk over this guy like a fly. It is truly scary for the world.

  4. Teleprompter Joe has no idea he has been at castle rock studio the whole time. It’s been a great movie. 🍿 FJBFJT

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