Breaking Down SCOTUS Decision On LGBT Rights, Why Gorush Joined Majority | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

NBC News' Pete Williams breaks down the landmark Supreme Court ruling that says LGBT workers are protected from job discrimination and what 'stands out' from the decision, including Justice Neil Gorush writing the majority opinion. Aired on 06/15/2020.
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Breaking Down SCOTUS Decision On LGBT Rights, Why Gorush Joined Majority | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @David Goeken you know you sound just like a Trump supporter from 2016? Keep it classy there David. His wife isn’t responsible for his policies.

    1. @Mdlclass Worker A couple of people in the southern part of Ohio did that. And they died from drinking hydroxychloroquine.

    2. @Pam Deshane — maybe you should read a newspaper or watch a real news station not a political commentation station like faux news, covid cases are spiking in many states, mostly all southern and republican states, some areas have had to open field hospitals again, maybe faux news didn’t report it but covid 19 has reached the white house specifically those close to Trump, ignorance of the facts is deadly

    3. @Dinerokid 16 — we had curfews right here in the USA, if you did drive at night you had to have blacked out headlights so that bombers couldn’t see them, street lights were turned off for the same reason, people today think they have it tough, back then it wasn’t looked at as a infringement of rights but as doing your civic duty to protect the country and your fellow Americans, when did it become acceptable to think of your fellow Americans as enemies because they have different political views as you, democracy is all about expressing different opinions and coming to a compromise, what we have today is so far from that it feels like a situation Hitler would relish and Trump thrives on hatred and division, I was a negotiator for many years and I always found that the best deals made were the ones that everyone was a little unhappy about some part of it, because that meant that nobody got everything they wanted but everybody got something that was acceptable, that’s what compromise looks like

    4. @Mdlclass Worker I know it’s sad bro. But like they always say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. So let some of these people learn the hard way.

    1. There are many in the Republican party that are clandestinely homosexual and are secretly very glad for the Court’s decision.

  1. ok a little background here
    1. the SCOTUS main job is to determine what is constitutional, and if someone is trying to interpret it one way or another, if THAT is constitutional. they said today that discriminating against LGBTQ+ is NOT constitutional, so that just threw out all those “religious” restoration discrimination laws, sorry
    2. when it was for YOUR benefit, it was just them confirming the right thing, but when it goes against you, its legislating from the bench, etc. you can NOT have it both way.
    3. you cant stand the fact that two of the “right wing judges” one you thought you had BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, have their own minds and some degree of social consciousness. sorry but you do NOT buy judges legally, especially not SCOTUS. some will do what you want, because they believe the same as you, such as mr “I like beer” cavanaugh, and the two older judges that have been right wing for a long time, thomas and alito.

    1. Folks also forget, under the Constitution, the Supreme Court “interpretes” the law. It is NOT legislation from the bench as some like to tell when they dont get their way. It is interpretation. Simple and true.

    2. @mechmat12345 What gets me is Clarence Thomas. He seldom asks questions or makes a statement. He opposes civil rights to others, when he himself benefits, and rightfully so, from civil rights laws. It appears his mind is always made up against rights for others. He is a true enigma

    1. It’s in the name ‘conservative’. But overall people seem to fear the most the things they hate about themselves. Fearing different people is unfortunate – and a lot of people haven’t been exposed to culture besides their own.

    2. Because they consider it their right to discriminate. And this decision is taking away their right to be total dickheads about something that is utterly irrelevant. They loose a power they should not have in a free society – proving once again they don’t want general freedom, they want their freedom to discriminate and rule others.

    3. Vaughn Besley They will be angry, and all the Pentecostal supporters of the Orange Man.

      Auckland. NZ

  2. They are correct in using only the text of the law to render decisions, rather than what was in the minds of lawmakers. That removes any sort of divination as to what was in their minds, because that would simply be anybody’s guess. And people will guess whatever they want.

    1. The basis of Evangelicals claiming the forefathers had it in their minds to create a Christian utopia in America. They are so afraid of living in a sinful society that they would sacrifice their basic human rights of an entire country. They want people who have not chosen Christianity to be forced to live by their standards. Maybe they should give people a reason to want Christianity instead of stomping on them.

    2. That is called “strict construction” of the Constitution and it used to be a Conservative principle. Used to be……. “Trump Conservatives” have turned their backs on everything they used to say they believed. Now they just wait to see what Trump tweets out.

    3. @Edith Min — Trump couldn’t tell you what the Constitution says if his life depended on it, he’s a fake patriot, fake Christian, but a true conman and want to be dictator

  3. I look forward to t’rump rage tweeting that Gorsuch needs to be removed and whoever nominated him be fired. 🤔😅😂🤣

  4. Wonderful for the LGBT community. How about legislation for African-Americans to live in a world with “some” criminal police officers. Excessive force claims against African-Americans complaints and resisting arrest lies, should be investigated by outside parties. Pass a law to jold these police officers accountable for his/her actions. Fairness for all…

  5. 🏳️‍🌈 It saddens me that we’re even having this discussion, but I’m so happy for the LGBTQ community, for this SC decision! 🏳️‍🌈👍👏👏👏👏👏

    1. @red is for freedom blue is for losers You should fire your ESL instructor, knuckledragger. You’re not making any sense.

    2. @red is for freedom blue is for losers yes, but America is not Africa,, is it? Africa is wrong in their treatment of gays, too.

    3. @red is for freedom blue is for losers As much as I would like to respond you your reply, at this point it would be difficult, due to the fact that I’m not sure what your talking about, or how it’s relevant to this topic…but I’ll try.
      What does Africa have to do with a Supreme Court decision in America? How they feel about the rights of LGBTQ individuals, here in America, is completely irrelevant to MY feelings about THEIR rights HERE, which is the ONLY thing I’m commenting on.

    4. @red is for freedom blue is for losers Are we in Africa guys did I miss something? Is Pangaea back?

  6. All the things Republicans and evangelicals have sacrificed to get their conservative judges installed, like their soul and the very foundations of the party, have been in vain. Human rights will still be respected, despite all their efforts.

  7. Bunker boy must be weally weally angry. Too bad he can’t fired his own supreme court judges🙄😁

    1. @Roald Shakleton I doubt that’s in her pre-nup. From what I hear, she will be contending for a wad more dosh from Donny for that

  8. His bunker sores are affecting the way he walks. I am very glad that all people will not be discriminated.

    1. That is only fort the life’s not born yet, not for those that actually have NOT been aborted, and are stuck in cages by Trump & Co…😡😡😡

  9. Of COURSE Justice Kavanaugh was a dissenting vote. He’ll just have to drink his sorrows away now…

    1. @Sacrum Imperium Britannicum It’s not what the States want. Its the Constitution. The States had the opportunity to join the Union (or not)and to Ratify the Constitution (or not) long ago. The Constitution is the highest law of the land. No State can pass a law that violates the United States Constitution. Whenever that happens, the Supreme Court can hold that State’s offending law as invalid. There is no contest between State Law and the United States Constitution. That is what it means to say the US Constitution is “the highest law in the land.” Not a contest, Sacrum. Not a competition.

    2. Edith Min Actually it is. The ruling on rights that don’t exist nor were ever meant to be interpreted to exist as such makes just such judicial interpretations weak. The constitution of the USA does not protect rights that are not written into it for states that have no laws regarding them. Sorry but this is an invented decision based in nothing but vague wording the writers of the civil rights act who never sought to create such protections for such.

    3. @Sacrum Imperium Britannicum — that’s not what the very conservative court said, so accept it and move on, there are many things the Constitution doesn’t say, it was written 250 yrs ago and if they tried to cover every situation they’d still be writing

    4. Mdlclass Worker It was the liberals who voted on it, conservatives dissented. There are many things it doesn’t say, that’s doesn’t mean it’s protected in the law. The constitutions is about rights and government structure. There is no right in the constitution to make this claim, and the civil rights act was not written with this as a provision, which means it’s an invented right by the court and being used to overrule the states on issues reserved for them.


      Don’t forget that one of them also admitted to participating in a Devil’s Triangle LMFAOOOO

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