Breaking Down The New CDC Mask Guidelines | MSNBC 1

Breaking Down The New CDC Mask Guidelines | MSNBC


This week, the CDC announced new mask guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. David Shulkin Former President and CEO at Beth Israel Medical Center joins NBC’s Joshua Johnson to break down the best practices for protecting yourself against COVID-19 while slowly returning to normality.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Breaking Down The New CDC Mask Guidelines | MSNBC


    1. I wear a mask outside if there are crowds around me. My county’s. COVID rate is still going up and our city council okayed cruise ships with 40 passengers to come into our port. Very premature I’d say. So I will still wear my mask outside around crowds. I also had both of my vaccine shots but still plan on being cautious. India is a very good lesson in caution.

    2. @blluedragonfly India’s problem is due to the fact that less than 2% of the country is fully vaccinated. They have plenty of vaccine, and many doses have had to be dumped, due to spoilage. People just didn’t get vaccinated.

    1. @vshah1010 you can still infect unvacinated people. The virus just doesn’t infect you.

    2. @vshah1010 Nothing “strange” is going on. (At least no more than usual LOL). The vaccines work. Please everybody get vaccinated so that we can put this thing in the rear view mirror.

    3. Right. So I just ignore the “guidelines and do what common sense tells me. I’ve been wearing a mask since Jan 2020 when CDC couldn’t make up their mind…

  1. I always wear a mask when i go outside. everyone must wear a mask when go everywhere, and take care yourself

    1. @brian gardner there have not been enough studies to make that determination. A lack of evidence is not evidence. We know how the virus is spread, therefore in close contact with others, makes sense to protect yourself. We each make our own risk assessment.

    2. @Laura Jean Do what you want, I have never worn a mask outside it is stupid virtue signalling

    3. I don’t wear mask outside unless in a crowd. But in Maine I am unlikely to run into a crowd. I take a walk for an hour and pass maybe two people. Always wear a mask indoors, and will continue until governor lifts the sanctions. Also vaccination rate in my state is very good.

  2. I don’t mind wearing masks. I don’t know if they help with allergies, but my sneezing tells me I need a better mask.

    1. @joe kim Well if you ever had allergies you probably would be content with that? Thanks Joe kim

    2. @joe kim Joe, it sounds to me like someone needs a hug. It’s Jesus’s big day today and hugs are free. According to the boss man…uhh God is His name bro.

    3. I am sick of wearing a mask. I still do, and appreciate the purpose. I am vaccinated, but don’t think I should have to wear one indefinitely to protect the ani-vaxers

    1. I will as well.. I’d rather be safe then sorry later on.. That way I’m protecting others around me

  3. When in doubt use common sense. We went on a hike. We were not vaxed. We wore the mask only when coming across groups of people. It made us feel safer.

  4. Anti vax people should take a trip to India or Brazil and tell them how difficult your life is living in America

    1. Their “cure” is worse than the disease.
      Covid=99.96%+ survival unless you’re already sick or over 75.

    2. @Jackpot Da Don 250000 people die from medical errors every year but sure, put your faith in those people.

  5. I don’t have a problem wearing my mask. Infact I kinda like it. Feel like I’m in my own bubble. I’ll keep wearing it till this is gone officially.

    1. I agree! We’ll be wearing them much longer than you think. Vaccinated or not everyone needs to wear a mask.

  6. To all the un-vaccinated people: The CDC wants _YOU_ to draw a yellow Star of David on your mask and display it proudly in public.

  7. In certain horror movies, they do a “return of the monster” towards the end, after people have relaxed and declared victory. This always seemed dumb. But maybe it’s normal.

  8. You should continue to WEAR A MASK cause we’re not out of the fire, yet.
    Variants (VOCs) are a concern.

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