Velshi: Outsourcing Our Democracy | MSNBC 1

Velshi: Outsourcing Our Democracy | MSNBC


A lot has changed since we started voting, but one thing that hasn't — and probably shouldn't — is that voting in America has always been the responsibility of the government. Good people can and do often disagree about the role of government in our lives but we generally agree that government can and should do some things, and conducting elections and counting ballots is top of the list. Voting is a constitutional right, and it's the government's job to see that it is done right. This is why it is shocking that Arizona recently chose to out-source its rights and responsibilities to recount ballots to a private company run by a CEO who has been spreading the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen. What we are watching in Arizona is Democracy coming apart in the little details. By handing over real people's ballots to B.S. Cyber Ninjas, we are giving up the actual levers and tools of our free and fair elections.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Outsourcing Our Democracy | MSNBC


    1. @psycobleach46 tullis: The ballots don’t belong to you. They belong to the State of Arizona. And none of your private information is being released to the public.

    2. @Reason a slapdash firm like cyber ninjas is probably taking photos of each ballot with their cell phones.

    3. @Reason I never said it was being released to the public, but it is being seen by people who are NOT qualified to do the audit

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis: Oh, “it’s being SEEN” by people. So what? A Judge authorized this, so they ARE qualified. They have PERMISSION from the State of Arizona to look at them. Just like everyone else who’s seen them. (Like the people who counted them in the first place).

    5. @Sarah F 4.0: That’s a serious accusation and I haven’t heard that theory from any officials. Can you prove it?

    1. @Sarah F 4.0 Hatred???? You silly woman. If this audit uncovers minuscule fraud, it solidifies the credibility of Biden’s election, but if there’s an insurmountable amount of fraud, then it will start the audits in other states. Seems to me Democrats are worried because no one believes Joe got 80 million votes.

    2. @s brown Arizona has a state list of bad cops. The guy running security is literally on that list He has previously, while holding office, tried to make it easier to get his name off that list. True story

  1. Isn’t there a statutory limit on messing with votes?
    Why are the states allowed to let anyone they like, to handle votes?

    1. Because they are still bowing to the shiny gold plastic made in China hollow statue that is Mr Trump.

    2. @Margaret Nicol Why would they like someone who took billions away from them? You would think they would prefer Biden since he has already taken their money, and is a Communist.

    3. @John Freedman Define ‘communist’ – being clear about which branch of communism you mean.

    4. @Margaret Nicol Socialist Communism like what Hitler used when he came to power, but likely being run 100% like China is today.

  2. Also screening candidates’ legal standing should be the legal system’s responsibility

    1. @H K S yes after how many days have the been tampering with votes.they better start over.

    2. @Kayla Hills The FBI has just admitted that they have an white supremacy issue within their rank. They have started firing those people. It is not much but it is a start to slowly weed out those people.

    3. @Kayla Hills I am from the states. I am not informed on everything 24/7. There are good people and there are bad people. I am not trying to accuse you but I think those emoji’s are a bit raciest. I am not even Jewish and Israel is an ally of the United States. Instead of judging me, why don’t you explain what is going on instead on mocking me.

  3. Thank you!!! I’ve been saying this for days. Why is a private company allowed to count ballots??????

    1. @Reason if the previous administration couldn’t even hold a secure and fair election, why do some people want them back?

      Does that make any sense

    2. @Random Internet User: I’m not sure what you mean. The “administration” doesn’t hold the elections. Each State in is charge of the voting that takes place within it.

    3. @Reason The limits of the law lol. And also they are openly biased which any reputable judge would have laughed at them being charged with doing a legitimate audit.

    4. @Chris: Of course they are biased! This is a Republican “audit” organized and paid for by Republicans! It’s stupid and it won’t go anywhere. But I agree with the judge that the Republicans should be allowed to independently look at the ballots. If he said “No , you can’t inspect the ballots how you want to” then it would look like Arizona is hiding something. It’s really not a big deal. This company doesn’t have any official capacity to change the results of the election. If they find anything, they’d have to take it back to court where Democrats could challenge their findings. And Democrats could also ask for their own independent “audit”. So what?

    5. @Reason
      Did you just say “independently”? Oh, you meant JUST of the State NOT of the cyber conspiracy theorists who are footing part of the bill for the thing in order to get it done their way??

  4. This was Stating the Obvious, yet still good to hear it stated. Clearly, AZ tax-payer-money (& physical votes) is a Giant Leap towards Post-Democracy.

    1. * taxpayer-money & votes going to “Cyber Ninjas” is a Giant-Leap towards Post-Democracy.

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  6. Rigging a secret vote is the easiest thing! Tell people you’ve won and how can anyone say no?

  7. And this will lead lead to many audits…. Forensic audits…. You won’t be able to stop it…. It will be out of control…. Ha ha ha

  8. If it’s done right and truth is truth you can’t stop the truth…. No can you.? You thought you could but you can’t !

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