BREAKING: Three people fatally stabbed in Montreal

Montreal police are investigating a fatal stabbing that left three people dead after authorities were called to the Rosemont neighbourhood.

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    1. In 1971, the Trudeaus took to Barbados and an unidentified nearby island –Wikipedia … 8 1/2 months later on December 25, 1971 Justin Trudeau was born.

    2. @Jumbo Me The OP asked: “What happened (to) Canada?” ………. I answered: “Justin Trudeau was born”.

    3. @Jumbo Me “lol” no, it’s just HIM that was leading Canada while vielent crhyme doubled in some parts of Canada, and increased nationally over the last 3 years.

  1. Because they keep bringing buses full of immigrants to Montreal. They don’t even put that on the news.

  2. we need to ban all types of knife and semi automatic knifes i think. criminals who use knife to cook should all go in jail !

  3. Ban assault style Knives now. Including bolt action and semi automatic knives and no ghost knives either.

  4. Sad day .Slightly unrelated but what is government doing about overwhelming immigration from countries like india. Immigration without diversity is a disaster. I see too much influence of Delhi in Toronto politics

  5. Just a quick healing circle and 3-5 years of government “re-education” and they’ll be back on the streets in no time, thanks canadain justice system

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