Federal government announces $4B housing fund to tackle crisis | Housing crisis in Canada

Justin Trudeau announced the $4 billon housing accelerator fund in an attempt to speed up housing development amid a national crisis.

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    1. Justin
      I can feel myself getting DumBer just listening to you !
      I’m 100 % ready to vote ☑️ you out

  1. Here’s an idea. Make the CRA do there job and collect that 20 to 30 billion they gave out and cant be bothered collecting. Then make it a 30 billion program.

    1. They have audited 400,000 individuals for taking benefits they weren’t allowed to take and that’s so far

    1. The economics of the situation are way more complex than can be covered in a single, mostly inaccurate, sentence.

    2. Right on the money (pun intended). Canada is the only G7 country that has absolutely NO gold reserve, nothing.

    3. @Pat Jackson 500,000 immigrants a year, to a country with no houses, increases house prices. Summed it up in one sentence.

  2. The more u print and spend, the more expensive everything will get and the inflation goes higher and higher regardless of how high interest rate’s getting

    1. Are you under the impression this 4 billion is the only money they’re spending? We’ve been in debt for years, but you want to spend another 4 billion we don’t have?

    2. @ryan radcliffe Yes ryan and that is why a $30,000 dollar house in the 1970’s costs $500,000 today.

    1. ​@ryan radcliffe he doesn’t need conservatives to vote for him he’s got new immigrants to vote for him

    2. @ryan radcliffe land developers don’t vote conservative. How many land developers do you know? They vote for the party that spends the most money on infrastructure and immigration. Which party is that?

    1. Exactly. The government had this problem from many years ago to resolve. It should had been done 8+ years ago.

  3. “under developed land” aka parks and green spaces that are essential to the environmental and mental health of our cities. How about ceasing mass migration? And how about cutting the taxes of the lower and middle class equal to 4 billion dollars a year? That would make housing more affordable. You’re just giving Hussen 4 Billion dollars to play with so they can keep disrupting settled communities in the interest of globalization.

  4. This now becomes a bigger problem as he knows with his mandate to bring in 500k new Canadians…so we are now on the hook to pay for their housing twice.

  5. Isn’t the main problem lack of land to build upon (zoning, green belt, etc) + an onerous burden on the developer to get necessary permits, etc? This artificially constrains the supply. High demand + low supply = high prices … basic economics

    1. Yeah, this is specifically addressed in the speech and it’s explained how the fund should help with that.

    2. No that’s not the problem. Builders have permits months before they start building.

      In Ontario most builders haven’t sold a new home in months. Most expect to be finished building the homes they’ve presold by December and come the new year almost cease building any homes at all.

  6. A 4 Billion fund to support and house his new potential voters. There wouldn’t be a housing shortage or runaway housing cost if 500,000 + potential voters were a realistic number per year. Oh and that shortage of labor story is wearing really thin, there currently is One Canadian out of 20 without work, and Canada doesn’t have a shortage of Laborers.

  7. That’s 3.6 billion for bureaucrats and 400 million for low income housing. It may help the poor somewhat, but it’s great news for the bureaucrats. The poor will have to deal with even more inflation when the bureaucrats start spending their $3.6 billion.

  8. Why not incentivize housing prices to drop $4B collectively? That way, you don’t debase the currency and raise taxes to pay off the interest?

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