Brenda Lucki 'deeply concerned' after damning report on RCMP culture 1

Brenda Lucki ‘deeply concerned’ after damning report on RCMP culture


Commissioner Brenda Lucki says sexism, racism and harassment have no place in the RCMP after a damning report says the force is toxic.


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  1. “Deeply concerned”? Whatever. This is nothing new. She’s just a drama student taking lessons from her PM drama teacher/boss.
    The RCMP is a joke.

  2. Oh don’t act surprised, they forgot any oath they took long ago. Take a look around the world, we live in corp. fascism.

  3. A bunch of empty statements, that show a lack of understanding of what is actually going on with their officers.

  4. If she was effective in bringing about change, she would never have been promoted in the first place. Like all ‘Successful’ managers in the Government employ, she toes the line and keeps her mouth shut.

  5. Just a continuation of a never-ending litany of scandals and failures within the RCMP. Nothing, including putting a woman in charge of the force, has been able to change it. The RCMP is a failure. It’s time to disband this archaic organization and turn front line law enforcement over to the provinces, whose responsibility it actually is. And anyone holding the rank of Sergeant or higher in the Mounties needs to be ineligible to be employed as a constable in any capacity ever again. Only in this way will we ever end the cycle.

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