Brian Sicknick’s Partner: ‘We Need To Get To The Root Cause’ Of Jan. 6

Sandra Garza, the longtime partner of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died following the January 6th insurrection, joins Hallie Jackson, telling her she's "very angry" at Republicans for blocking a commission to investigate that day.

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Brian Sicknick's Partner: 'We Need To Get To The Root Cause' Of Jan. 6


    1. In the Trumpist world it’s always someone’s else’s fault. Personal accountability doesn’t exist

  1. that’s the trump republicans they will turn their backs on law enforcement and the American people for their own benefit.

  2. “If they deny that it was an insurrection then they are not deserving of dignitary protection”
    I like her already.

    1. Gaetz, Tangerine Palpatine, Powell, Margarine Trailer Queen and Flynn are out NOW speaking, actively trying to start a CIVIL WAR.

    2. Yeah I’ll give her partial credit, she at least has the integrity to change her mind based on evidence. Unfortunately the thing that changed her mind was personal tragedy and directly being affected by Trump’s malfeasance. It wasn’t hard to see before Jan 6th. In fact I was fully expecting a mob to attempt to attack the capitol on Jan 6th. What I didn’t expect was for it to be SUCCESSFUL. And I also didn’t anticipate that a successful breach of the capitol would be spun as a peaceful protest. That’s the extent of my naivete.

      But many of us knew this was going to happen, in advance, and we tried to sound a warning. Biden said that Trump would never accept the results of the election, and would have to be dragged out of the white house by the military, months in advance of the attack. He and people like me were ridiculed for TDS for trying to sound the alarm. Biden was only slightly wrong. We knew in advance that he would declare victory election night, whether he won or lost. We knew in advance that it might look like he was winning, or had won, because dems tend to use early voting/mail-in ballots more often.

      I didn’t anticipate that he would declare victory election night even though it was clear he had likely lost. I said he might attempt to declare martial law to stay in power. I was wrong, but only because he decided he couldn’t get away with it. It was an option he considered.

      We weren’t the ones who were deranged. We predicted this outcome, long before the election took place. I knew he would attempt every means in his power to overthrow the result if it didn’t come out in his favor. I even knew how he was going to attempt it. Now the very people who called us deranged for correctly predicting the events of the past several months are calling us deranged because we noticed these events.

      It’s…. deranged.

    3. Sounds like BUYERS REMORSE.. this dumb woman supported a MANIAC then shocked when they turn on her bf..

    4. @NeuralSimulation integrity?? her and her COP bf supported KLAN.. now suddenly have buyers remorse

    5. @baked dorito
      People should get credit when they admit they were wrong. We’re fighting for our survival as a nation and as a democracy. We can’t afford to just write everyone off, no matter what. We need to be forgiving and accepting when people realize their mistake, as long as they haven’t done something like engage in insurrection.

  3. This Senate committee hearing was limited in scope which all congressional committee hearings must be, because all those lawmakers have other obligations. If the Trump zombie slave GOP lawmakers don’t want a commission who can devote their entire time to finding the answers, the committees will have to attack it one piece at a time for years to come.

  4. Maybe if they didn’t support an insane undemocratic president then he’d be alive today. You got what you asked for now stop your complaining.

  5. Arizona’s senate and a judge in Georgia are doing that as we all speak and more are to come.

  6. What shocked me about this interview is HER shock. Where has she been for the last five years? How is any of this a surprise to her? And she’s a mental health professional? I do not get it.

    1. @E. G. I always ask my doctors if they voted for trump is and I once kicked a home health nurse out of house bc she said the children deserved to be locked up at the border. I don’t want those people anywhere near me.

    2. You weren’t shocked by the events on the afternoon of 1/6? You’re right, you don’t get it. You’re clueless.

    3. @John Thomson You 100% don’t get what Therese is saying. It’s easy to read that’s she’s saying Trump is so insane that the insurrection was actually not a surprise. A shock yes, a surprise no. Trump incited violence and insurrection for months, even years. That has always been his fallback in case he lost. He is truly psychotic.

    4. Dear Therese, Do you think (even though mental health professionals are not supposed to evaluate someone from a distance) that there are MANY of them who clearly see Trump’s narcissism in his lies, arrogance, and lack of responsibility to others? Years ago I assumed that narcissism simply involved vanity and an overblown ego. In the past few years I discovered that it is a mental illness that puts in danger everyone around the narcissist. Narcissists casually lie, use people then throw them away, have no moral scruples, care only about what benefits them, feel no responsibility for the harm they do, have no problem with savaging others but are themselves thin-skinned, feel that they are the smartest and that rules do not apply to them. Does this sound familiar?

    5. @Richard Morin yeah, my point is that she totally missed it. I mean I’ve had like five psych courses in my education and I could have figured it out after the first one. Anyone who listens to him speak knows there’s something very very wrong with him. They just like the racism.

  7. Hitler didn’t pull any trigger, he had the brown shirts to do it readily. They came out of the woodwork at the first call.

  8. If he gets away with this, there will be no more functional concept of the rule of law in this country. Trump said all along he would only recognize the election if he won. Trump has shown so many times how corrupt and given to lies and the dark side he is. I’m very sorry that the Sickniks had to find out in this horrible way but, but the evidence of DJT’s true nature was there all along..

    1. His terrible and accurate reputation goes back to the early eighties for anyone willing to look past the glitz of painted brass and self projected proclamations. Then Mark Burnett happened along…

  9. Patience. Let the ones who did it sit in their cages for a while longer and soon some of them will break and start giving up names.

    1. Yep indeed— jobs, careers and cash gone, houses foreclosured, vehicles repossessed and marriages dissolved, visitations with kids a long way off—-uh huh, now good patriot whackadoodle- even your dog hates you‼️

  10. This woman is SO brave to call the actions of Trump – and the cowardice of those Republicans who aided, abetted and fanned the flames of the BIG LIE to incite the insurrection and then held back ANY assistance to the Capital Police!

    1. @Beezel The medical examiner who did his autopsy said he died of natural causes, yes, but he also said the death was directly attributable to the insurrection – look it up yourself

    2. @Harry Johnstone like sayin bleedin out from a Gunshot wound is “natural causes” . Siknicks Dad is not there at all. The media doesnt want to hear the TRUTH. Siknick was hit on the head which caused the blotclot!

    3. @Beezel EVEN COPS said siknick said he was struck on his head…. then suddenly later LIED sayin “natural causes”

  11. For some reason the Republican Party are dead against a commission to investigate the 1/6 insurrection. I really can’t think why… 🤔

  12. There are culpable Senators who may be arrested and jailed if a full investigation is done. Hence they are running from it

  13. She told it like it is. This fallen officers wife has more courage and strength than the orange former president. She puts that loser and fraud to shame.

  14. A REAL COMMISSION would find not just Chump, but a crap load of ELECTED minions neck deep involved….

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