‘Delicious’: Hallie Jackson Eats ‘Cicada Scampi’ As Invasion Peaks

As the cicada invasion is hitting its peak in the nation’s capital, NBC’s Hallie Jackson reports on how residents are finding creative ways to use cicadas and tries an edible “cicada scampi.” 

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'Delicious': Hallie Jackson Eats ‘Cicada Scampi’ As Invasion Peaks


    1. Only Americans think it’s a gringo thing. People all over the world eat arthropods. They eat grasshoppers in Mexico.

  1. Maybe I’d try it someday, though I’m a little scared to see the after-effects of it all. Sometimes international food can be weird or disturbing among the sight, but still delectable, once people give it the chance. They just need to be careful, with how it all looks and tastes.

  2. cicadas emerge, see swarms of humans. ‘they were just everywhere, making everything filthy. thank god my life span is so short.’

    1. There’s plenty of food we currently grow enough to feed a population of 10 Billion people, but unfortunately 80% of world grain and Legumes is fed to the 70 Billion animals unnecessarily bred for eating every year.

  3. So, I guess the cicada munchers haven’t heard about the fungus that’s infected 10% of those cicadas. It makes their butts and genitals fall off. Yummy. If you’re going to munch on a cicada, and your junk falls off….well, karma. 🙂

  4. Insects really aren’t too different from shellfish as food. Insects also require less resources to farm than livestock for comparable amounts.

    1. @Wking That’s precisely why they were traditionally considered “garbage food” at one time and reserved for the lower class and prison inmates. People were conditioned over time to accept it as a high end delicacy. Lobster used to be so abundant that it was also used as fertilizer…

    2. @Joe Boyko Yup. They would give the rowers on ships lobster thinking it was lesser food. Who knew they were creating body builders

    3. @Joe Boyko That’s because lobsters washed up on beaches dead and that’s what they cooked and fed to prisoners. Once someone got the idea of cooking live lobster that’s when demand started to rocket.

  5. I ate all kinds of bugs, insects, and others like snakes and rice field rats to survive the death camps after the VN war in 70s. In other parts of the world, they have been eating them for a long time ago. Natural sources of protein!

  6. I remember lots of cicadas in Baltimore as a kid. Wow, this is so gross! God bless everyone dealing with this! 🤮

  7. Yes we get it, bugs cooked properly can be reasonably tasty. And ten years from now we will hear about how entophagy is actually causing environmental concerns.

  8. I would rather be in a car than at the dinner table when I say ” Pass the cicadas please”.

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