1. If you can sit there and say that you didn’t shed a tear with this lady, during this broadcast, your a Cold Piece of Work. She is a great reporter.

    1. @aussie 130 Were you just born stupid? It didn’t have to be this bad because Donald Idiot Trump IGNORED IT! This is NOT the flu, ffs!

    2. @aussie 130 Death is natural but dying at 30 from COVID isn’t natural. Things could have been done sooner to stop the spread.

    3. @You got this as of right now most democrats are angels compared to republicans. There is a clear line between right and wrong and most republicans have crossed it

    4. @Christopher Kebenei Whoever became president 4 years ago , no matter who it was, they’d be blaming that person anyways . Clinton, Biden , Pence, Trump, Jeb Bush etc. etc. Everyone would just look at the president, he is the one to blame..

  1. Briana, emotional over troubling accounts of fellow americans who lost their loved ones to Covid, brave and caring woman!!

  2. What a special anchor , so true , honest. & Caring , stay safe , stay strong , you are remarkable ! Prayers , Bob

  3. Brianna you have a such a beautiful heart, I couldn’t stop crying either. And people still want to deny what’s going on, it’s insane.

  4. “It is what it is” – Former President of the United States. Something only a pure cold and heartless person that doesn’t care about anyone or anything besides himself could say. What a disgrace. I’m sorry for anyone’s loss. Losing someone is never easy and isn’t made any easier by the crap we’ve had to deal with in recent years, especially leading up to and during this pandemic. Wear a mask, save one of these children from being orphans. It could be you or your loved ones next.

    1. @rudy dude – just because Andrew Cuomo allegedly lied about Covid in nursing homes in his state doesn’t let tRump off the hook. If Cuomo is found to have lied and tried to cover it up, prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law – something gutless republiCONS refused to do to tRump!

    2. The only thing, the former psychopath was able to do is being cynical. Besides all the lies and denying covid.

  5. These are numbers that I just can’t comprehend. Just shocking. My heart goes out to all. Words defy me.

    1. @Shane Crumpton not everyone is like the Trumps. Show some empathy dude. You come across as a callous jerk.

  6. LET’s make this right for them, we need to make this right, whatever it takes, this should not be happening, we are smarter than this, this is unacceptable!

  7. Half a million lives lost and the only thing the former president can cry about is his “stolen” election. Shame.

    1. @Diego A Heh… Seriously?

      Number of Americans killed during protests in 2020: 25
      Number of Americans killed by Trump’s incompetence/COVID: 500,000+


    2. @First Last Actually, it’s your brain that’s missing. You should file a report with the cops. See if they can find it or give you a used one from Lost and Found.

  8. Remember the people said that “fake news” media will stop telling us about covid 19…?? We need to ask them for answers

    1. They still say that most of these aren’t covid deaths, but deaths due to the co-morbidities. So, that’s their ignorant answer.

    2. @surfpsych you do realize most people die from co-morbidities? Covid-19 is still caused them to die even if they had other risk factors.

    1. B P. Bidens not that bad. Yah he is. & he won’t make 1 term. Dementia is eating him. Hey!! Maybe that’s your problem too. I’m sorry you have dementia.

    2. @Bill Burgess so you’d rather worry about claims from another old guy than the lives lost now at 500k?

      Is all these lives just a number to you? Or do you care? Is it worth anything to you to know this? Or are you worried about something that really doesn’t matter at all considering the lack of truth even in it. Waste of time, waste of space, waste of energy for nothing.

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