1. Reporter: Mr. Cruz, why did you stab your wife in the back and sided with Donald Trump?

    Rafael Cruz: Because I wanted to know what a spine feels like.

    1. @Doodle Bob haha…. you obviously have not watched a clip from WW2 , starring ” Rocky ” Balboa coach ,whose name escapes me , Burgess Meredith? He made films for the US army , which would be shown to the troops for educational purposes. One was about how to behave in the UK .
      It was salutary. He warned them not to go into a pub and start mouthing off to the locals , don’t pick a fight ” cos you will lose “.
      He said .

    2. @Michelle Brown
      1 vs 15 yeah he’d lose but 1 on 1 never lol

      1 American vs 5 British the American will win every time if he’s from the south

    1. @Ray c
      Just a reference man. A simple, harmless act that’s punishable in America. Weed is by no means what makes many other countries more free than America. But hey, Ray doesn’t smoke, so I guess that means America is exceptional. What a weak refute.
      By the way, medical cannabis has been legal in Finland for a decade!

    2. @Odinson I own part of a weed company in Cali. Which of those countries have free speech laws or freedom to travel or freedom to buy a gun or start a business… I took your own weak logic from your post and played it back to you. Ya weed was a pretty stupid metric for you to go off

    3. @Bill Jones great. Then we are in agreement that there are many countries which are freer, safer, and more prosperous than USA.
      Which means we are also in agreement that Ted Cruz is a simple liar.

  2. “You have your political agenda.”
    Coming from Cruz, that’s like the ocean ridiculing a lake for being wet.

    1. But how many of ya believe this lie? Or can someone point me to a source? No? I didn’t think so.

  3. Don’t say ‘the only developed country experiencing this’; you are ‘the ONLY country experiencing this’. Period. I live in a developing country in Sub-Saharan Africa and the sound of a gunshot terrifies me to the core. By the grace of God they are so far in between I can count the number of gunshots I hear in 1 year on 1 hand (if any). I am literally terrified of even visiting the US because of all these stories I hear. Sad.

    1. @Yes No By “civilians”, what about Al-Shabab? Or heck during the civil war with the myriad of warlords or militias.

      Somalia may be (relatively) save now, but less than 30 years ago it was in the middle of a civil war. America however has the amount of gun violence as a country in the middle of a civil war.

      Heck Mexico, a country just south of the US doesn’t have as many mass shootings as the US does yet they are in the middle of a quasi-civil war (Cartels vs Government vs militias).

  4. Because guns are more important to Americans than these kids lives? That’s why this is an American problem.

    1. Do you remember the Manchester arena bombing?! Proves that horrible people can do horrible things without a gun!!

    2. Stupid statement. It’s unbelievably stupid to think someone planning a mass murder will be deterred by the legality of his murder weapon. Quite frankly the real question is why this insane violent person wasn’t already serving a time or committed to a psychiatric institution before he had the opportunity to kill.

  5. I was at the dog park today and I was eavesdropping on a conversation with a large group of people who are chatting about the shootings in the United States. (I live in Canada). They were all saying how messed up it is in the United States and how it’s such a shame Americans are so obsessed with firearms. One man couldn’t believe that an 18 year old could go to a store and buy assault rifles, yet he wasn’t old enough to buy a beer. It’s messed up for sure.

    1. @Jethro Neemo
      Spin again.🤨
      The AR15 is the civilian version of the M16-A1 I was issued in the Air Force.
      The ONLY difference is the AR15 is 8 ounces heavier and 3 seconds slower.
      THAT’S IT!
      And it is definitely a higher powered weapon than my dad was issued in Vietnam.

      Why can an 18 year old walk out the same SAME DAY with TWO AR15’s, a ton of ammunition, and tactical gear, but can’t purchase a handgun till he’s 21?

      Can’t purchase Sudafed, beer, spray paint, or cigarettes till he’s 21 either!

      And this particular 18 year old didn’t even have a driver’s license because he kept failing his driving test!
      Which meant he wasn’t capable/trusted enough to rent a car, have insurance, or rent a hotel room either.

      Yet, he’s “capable” enough to purchase weapons more lethal than the ones my dad had in Vietnam.
      This is one
      a$$backwards country.

  6. It’s embarrassing that it takes a British reporter to state the obvious about gun violence in America.

    1. @Tom Armstrong As a fellow UK citizen, I get where you’re coming from! Don’t, however, forget Jonathan Lemire (then with the AP) confronting Trump/Putin at a Press Conference at the Helsinki Summit in July 2018 – that was a truly significant and momentous moment! Best wishes!

    2. Umm why don’t you talk like this about almost every Democrat controlled city over the weekends??? It’s an effing murder spree in gunfree zones?? Not a gun issue but a mental health issue.

  7. This is probably the only time I’ve not tuned out Sky News.
    Courageous question btw. Good reporting by CNN

    1. I Lold so hard when he called Sky “biased” ahahah they are so right wing and supposedly on his side. They cant handle a non soft ball question

  8. Those reporters brought more heat in 30 seconds than any of these hacks from the major news networks here in the states have in the last decade.

    1. @Mr Deplorable2020 So you ask, I answer a little, and then you say everyone knows that anyway. I think we all grasp the game you’re playing, pal.

    2. I wonder if the British reporter remembers the Manchester arena bombing?! Proves that horrible people can do horrible things without a gun!!

  9. “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” George Orwell

  10. Yesterday a disgruntled Australian high school student, at a Queensland school near me, tried a ‘copycat’ school shooting. He took a handgun to school and threatened the Principal with it. It was a pellet hand gun that looked like a real gun. The principal tackled the boy to the ground, took the gun off him, then pressed an alarm that sent the entire school into lockdown. Police responded immediately (they’re armed). The boy ran around the school smashing windows before climbing onto a roof. The only reason it wasn’t a ‘copycat’ massacre is because it’s illegal for Australian civilians to have / carry weapons, gun licences are strictly enforced, and it’s unlikely that a high school kid has access to a real gun. We blame this ‘copycat’ behaviour on the worldwide TV publicity about America’s school massacres. If this boy had had access to a more dangerous weapon he would have used it but even pellet bullets are capable of taking out someone’s eye. Americans know what to do but refuse to act. Until enough of you use your votes to elect representatives who intend to stop this wholesale murder of children, your massacres will continue.

    1. @Just truckin’ on through what’s this dude smoking hay. It never happened . This person needs a life instead of attention seeking

    1. @The D I have no political agenda in any of my personal motivations, only what I believe is right. I have no allegiance to any political party on this planet

    1. I doubt that you can say that it doesnt exist…….that is just ignoring facts for your own projections.

  11. The fact that we are a good place to live does not makes us perfect, and sure does not mean we cannot take action to correct ourselves when something does not work. And that aspect of our life is not working.

  12. Q: Why are mass school shootings an exception to America? British Reporter
    A: “I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful.” Ted Cruz
    Me: ☹️💔🥺

    1. @Bill Jones Do I understand you corectly that the “no” and “maybe”s are whether or not people would want to live in those places? Bill, it is not the 1950’s anymore and “developmentalism” ended in the 70’s. There are plenty of absolutely gorgeous places on that list. Your views of many of these places are out of date and antiquated. There is plenty of opportunity for business, growth and expansion there. Not to mention affordable living, health care, and lovely housing options. And yes, much lower crime rates than the US. Not everywhere you mentioned, but a great deal of it, yes. Before we fix our issues, we have to admit we have them and stop living in denial.

    2. @NicoleM2108 name some. And again don’t name any under 10m population. Or any that were conquered by the nazis.

    3. @Bill Jones Sure! First, let’s start with your list…
      China – Not my particular cup of tea, but business has been booming for them for quite a white. And indeed, luxury is there if you are interested in that. If that is your thing, then opportunities are there (particularly import/export – which is Africa and Latin America at the moment…)

      Personally, I would look at places like Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia (I am a tropical lover, so these places appeal to me) You would not want to live in Bali? Or any other islands there? Also, while we are in Asia, I heard (though cannot confirm) Thailand, South Korea, and such countries in the south are also nicely developed…though not my cup of tea, Thailand, for example, has some of the best health facilities in the world for medical tourism).

      India, again, not my cup of tea, but health and luxury are there. Many do move there for cultural reasons if that is your thing…many westerners indeed.

      Africa is the next major opportunity for business and profit. China is really pushing on that front and if you are into mining or natural resources…then it is essential you are there in some capacity. Of course, it is not fair to lump the entire continent into one as South Africa, though developed, can be terribly dangerous. And there would be health concerns in the center of the continent (and lack of medical facilities). That is not the case in the north or in the south east. Kenya and Ghana have opened up and are actually experiencing a diaspora. For me (again, being tropical and preferring the exotic) I would seek out Zanzibar or some like place. Egypt is lovely also (though has issues of poverty. Several other places have war or recovering from war…but certainly not all are the same. In the Middle East, though culturally very distinct, you have UAE/Dubai, Israel, both of which are extreme in business and luxury.

      You did not mention anything in Latin America…any particular reason? Again, being tropical as I am (though born in PA) there re plenty of places. Belize (which is English speaking BTW), Costa Rico, which I heard is lovely. (I know you said nothing under 10M, but almost anything in the Caribbean is fine with me…that is my home now). I heard (though cannot confirm, that Uruguay is also very nice and attracting people). Chile, though not every place there, also has some beautiful areas.

      I guess my point in all of this is that we can no longer point at a particular country (unless under extreme conditions such as war, famine, disaster, etc…) and claim the whole of it is bad, terrible, inopportune. Rather I think it is very individualistic nowadays in tastes and needs. Sorry to go on so long…just giving your thoughtful post some feedback…and thought! 🙂

  13. I’m perplexed as to how this individual is still in the position he’s in now. How could someone like that guy hold power.

    1. I live in Washington state (far from Texas) and see Cruz silhouette stickers on cars and people’s work badges. It’s a sick little cult.

  14. “If you want to stop violent crime, the proposals the Democrats have, none of them would have stopped this.”
    – Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX)
    If I were the reporter, my next question would be, “And what proposals have your or your party made to curtail this crisis?”

  15. That was ridiculous on a whole new level. And, yes, people around the world keep wondering why this happens only in America.

    1. The nonsense about people immigrating to America is a sign of how awesome it is needs to be challenged. What country *doesn’t* have immigration? I mean, Christ, more than 20% of people living here in my country – the Republic of Ireland – were not born here, so proportionately a hell of a lot more people want to live in the ROI than America. Where, also, we don’t have mass shootings, or far right media, or neonazis and white supremacists etc. And we also don’t roll out “exceptionalism” nonsense.

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