Britney Spears' Massive Boost In Her Fight Against Her Conservatorship 1

Britney Spears’ Massive Boost In Her Fight Against Her Conservatorship


Former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance and New York Times Washington correspondent Michael Schmidt explain the step forward in Britney Spears’s case to end her conservatorship as a former federal prosecutor will begin the process of taking over her legal fight

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  1. this is a story about how women are treated differently then men in hollywood i.e. Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen

    1. @jmarie w yep, they were wayward kids, but the parents did not betray them in the hour of their need.

    2. If you think there aren’t men who under the control of others in similar fashion, I’m afraid you’re mistaken

    3. @Bill Sbac well that’s true. But this country is built on freedom. It’s a very slippery Slope when you start taking civil rights to “protect “ people from themselves. She should have the right to live and learn. Make mistakes like EVERYONE ELSE. she is almost 40 years old. Not 15. And those men didn’t die. They got help on their own. She should have that opportunity. She has hurt nobody. Broken no laws so why does she have less liberties than a person on parole?

    4. I don’t know if Britney needs a conservator. What I do know beyond any doubt: there are many, MANY other celebs who would need it more than her, and they all get to make their own choices.

    5. @Rick Simon I think she has problems but so do many others. Much worse than her. What’s scary is she can’t hire her own lawyers or doctors. And she isn’t allowed to speak about what they are doing to her. There’s no oversight and when you have tens of millions of dollars in play you NEED oversight. When she is allowed to talk ( if ) I think it’s going to be shocking what has happened to her.

  2. Yes! This is huge, it means that someone believes something criminal is happening!! Let’s go Britney, you got this, we are all with you !!

    1. @William Olsen

      And look what happened to Charlie Sheen because his family didn’t step in and do the same thing Brit’s family did. Charlie is now living with AIDS and his career is basically over.

    2. @Bill Sbac pretty ironic that you’re all worried about someone’s career. Being an adult means you make choices which sometimes lead to bad consequences. In this case it sure looks like someone only cared about their very lucrative meal ticket.

      Whether Ms. Spears has mental health issues is not actually known to you or anyone else not her doctor. Her behavior OVER A DECADE AGO may have been caused by post partum depression as she had 2 babies in quick succession, stress as she was going through a divorce, and or depression as she had lost a beleoved aunt (the reason she shaved her head). I’d like to see YOU go thru all those stressors and be completely perfect.

      Many adults in America have mental health problems and deal with them without needing a conservatorship to control their entire lives including their reproductive rights, their career, their finances etc.

      But then they’re not making millions of $$$$ for greedy family members.

    3. @Bill Sbac are you on Jamie Spears payroll to try to make him look good? 6 month old channel and all you’re doing is…

    4. @Bill Sbac There are so many people in this world that have it far worse than brittney and they are still alive. You cannot compare Amy’s life to Britney’s it’s not the same!!!

  3. Baffling, considering the hundreds of Nutty celebrities who are unable to manage their lives, careers and money, yet continue to do so without conservatorships, LOL. Spears has every human right to mismanage her own life, she doesn’t need help doing that.

    1. And you know this because you’re the judge in this case who has all the information? Oh not wait.

    1. @LulaMae21

      I’m defending him because Britney Spears is a liar. Her family saved her from certain death and this is how she repays them? With lies about them? If I was her father I’d throw her straight back to the street and let her finish the job she started. She owes her family an apology, and she needs to stop lying to her fans about them.

    2. Bill Sbac They saved her from certain death? She was going through a contentious divorce/custody battle, had two children under two years old, most likely postpartum depression, unable to leave her house without swarms of people taking photos, when she was out paparazzi would chase her down, grueling work schedule and public scrutiny. A good therapist would have sufficed. I highly doubt her father had good intentions. He’s a violent drunk, who’s own grandsons have a restraining order against him. That says quite a lot.

    3. @Bill Sbac lmao if you think her father is an honest man, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

    4. it’s not that at all top being so closed minded. It’s about all the disabled people who have had the same sort of abuse happen to them but they go unheard because they don’t have the exposure britney spears has.

  4. This is America. It is disgusting that people are allowed to enslave a woman to enrich themselves. Britney is right, they should be in jail.

    1. Wow… I don’t know what’s more shocking, that you admit that the US has a lot of bugs, or that nobody commented yet with that ordinary hypocrite big lie “this is worldwide”.
      To see, maybe finally you start to grow up as a nation into a mature, non-hypocrite honest one.

    2. @ANN you think too much of online Americans. They are a small percentage of the actual population and do not represent the rest of us who know perfectly well what our strengths and weaknesses are.

    3. @Bill Hicks actually, I think at the “US” citizens, not America, I see in EU. So….I don’t know the “rest” I know what I hear and see here

  5. If she wasn’t rich,and talented, her father would not care. Just my opinion, but the guy is making millions, while she gets $2000 a week for her work,and can’t even make decisions about her own body ? There is nothing right about that. I don’t know one of her songs. We all go through periods of mental anguish. To subject her to total control of every aspect of her life is just wrong.

    1. Listen to lucky now. It hits some much more poignantly now. I cant anymore it makes me start crying so damned hard.

    2. @robert caldwell adding context. She literally was singing about how unhappy she was and it was her cry for help. And no one really cared for her, kinda been there myself so its a bit much for me.

  6. Britney’s parents do not deserve her. Anyone would break down in such a toxic environment.
    I hope she gets her freedom.

    1. @LulaMae21

      It’s the exact same situation, the only difference is Brit’s father saved her, Amy’s did not.

    2. @Bill Sbac Britney’s father didn’t save anything but his bank account. Britney needed some short-term treatment to deal with the incredible pressure she was under and then to be allowed to live her life. She did not need to be enslaved and have all of her rights and choices taken away from her. There are serious ethical issues at play here, and with the way you’re shilling for her dad, I can’t help but wonder if you’re employed by him.

    3. @Bill Sbac same with Amanda Bynes. The Spearses went way too berserk far but Im glad Amanda’s parents stepped in as early as they did.

    4. @Bill Sbac that narrative is never going to work
      To insinuate that a person is alive
      Because of them is ABUSE,I’m sure Mr spears is going to use that narrative but in reality he took his daughter from a bad place.into one of the most horrific
      Abusive situations,he did not save her at all britney saved herself

  7. I truly believe that Britney Spears deserve her life back and the people that hurt her needs to pay for that

    1. @Linda Scott They are LIARS don’t believe them….they are ALL robbing that lady, tryna live the high life on their high horse at her expense

    2. @Bill Sbac she had postpartum depression if her family genuinely cared about her they would’ve sent her to get the proper care . Instead of spending her money left and right while drugging their own daughter

    3. @Bill Sbac the whole time she was under conservatorship she was being drugged and forced to work with no direct pay it’s a miracle she’s still alive her family is evil.

    4. @Bill Sbac You comparing two different scenarios. Amy Winehouse was a huge drug attic Brittney was going through some mental issues during that time and it’s been speculated that she had post partum depression so it’s not the same thing!! She is now fine should be allowed live her life! She doesn’t need a conservatorship anymore.Her rights are being violated.

  8. The worst kind of slavery is when a father does this to his daughter. What have we become when this kind of offense happens .

    1. We’ve become the kind of people who stop our family members from killing themselves with drugs, alcohol, and partying while she has two small children at home that need their mother? Oh I’m sorry does that sound like we might be blaming Britney for something? Musn’t do that.

    2. @Bill Sbac Kevin Federline did the same thing. A conservatorshi helped her lose custody of her children who needed her at home.

  9. This is definitely a needed move! Britney’s father has had a better lawyer than Britney had and his legal team was being paid by Britney! What kind of foolishness?!

    1. I just can’t believe that she is also paying the other side. This is ridiculous. The US is just s***hole to be honest. This would not happen in other western countries at all.

    1. I’m hoping an investigation on the former judge too. The one who agreed to h r being in a conservatorship and waived the 5 days notice. He seems dodgy

  10. She is supposed to make more money for Daddy, and if she does not want to do that she is painted into a corner of being unstable and selfish more than likely.

  11. No one has a right to hold her hostage to anyone or anything. She needs a high powered lawyer to represent her. Someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Hopefully she can get these goons out of her life.

  12. I find this whole thing disgusting, as a survivor of an abusive relationship ( both mental and financial ) I truly feel for her , my ex made out that I was not mentally competent enough to manage my own financial affairs after he had completely cut me off from even having a bank card to our joint account for 6 years due to me suffering from depression which was exasperated by his cutting me off from any financial means . Imagine having to wash with dish soap because they refused to pay for proper soap and shampoo , then imagine seeing your kids having to do the same and having no control over it! Fortunately I was backed up by my Doctors and escaped . It doesn’t matter if the abuser is a partner or a parent , the result is the same !

  13. I’m sure the dad would be just as steadfast in his position to control her money if Britney weren’t worth $60 million.

    1. What I don’t understand why she is only worth 60 million when just for her Las Vegas residency she earnt 140 million !! Wheres all her money gone ?? I think her dad has been squandering it !!

    2. @Sally Bell yeah, that kind of baffles me. It seems to me there has been some kind of embezzlement going on there.

    3. @Sally Bell they’ve stolen millions from her. She had no say in contracts and was forced to sign. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s getting a minimal cut of revenue

  14. The dad needs to get a 9am-5pm job like the rest of us and stop living off his daughter

    1. na, living off the state would be better for him – as in spending the rest of his life under a state conservatorship known as JAIL!

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