1. Yes they need to go to jail. Just like anyone else who did that would be sentenced. So sad and disgusting.

  2. Police men is always a trouble maker!!! Nothing help the people!!
    They must be judged on life imprisonment!

  3. The people of Minneapolis should not rest until these officers are charged with murder….this is BS

    1. None of us should. But that town needs to take a moment to rest, heal, regroup, and lead this in a productive way. And none of us should let this go until justice is served and it STOPS! THIS IS MURDER!

    2. @L K Is justice served by looting stores and stealing. Looting rioting and stealing that’s a good look .In this country we prosecute people.Not f__ up other people’s properties.Yet I expect nothing less.

    3. @SK ONTHEROAD if the races would have been reversed in the Cooper vs Cooper video would you still have the same reaction?

  4. Put the cops in the cells while they await trial, with everyone else.
    Equal treatment under the law.

  5. There will be Hell to pay literally for these officers, there’s a special place in hell waiting just for them. No worries! If they don’t pay in life, they surely will pay in death!

    1. If there is a hell….I cant wait until all with hearts like these cops make their way there.

    2. Denise Davis Not true. The only payment will be here on earth whether the legal system wants to do it or not. Payment must be here on earth.

    3. There is a special place for all the hypocrites who weep for George Floyd but not the millions of dead black children killed by abortion. Both acts are wicked… but the left is evil and plays games with who deserves to be mourned and who does not.

    1. Red Wrong. Whoever filmed is the only reason this psychopathic murderer wont escape to continue killing.

    2. @Douglas Nielsen and you would have got shot by him or the one standing by. Its easy to speak in hindsight like that.

    3. @Caz A 😂 that attitude is why George is dead. Regardless of the consequences, that man could have been saved. Isn’t it strange people are rioting and looting, burning buildings, stealing other peoples property, all in the name of George Floyd. No sir, it’s easy for you to say you would of done nothing.. I know this would of been stopped had people jumped in 👍

    1. @Dave Waldon what do you mean you love the drama. This is not a movie or tv how. Help me understand what you mean.

    2. @beverly allison You are correct he looked like a demon in the face, this was not his first time ,he looked really relaxed at it .I believe thise who witnessed this would have helped but then they would most likely been killed to sad sad. Take care black queen.

    3. DONG LEMONAIDS NPC they don’t want to hear about that. Abortion isn’t murder to the democrats. They’re all on fire for justice yet murder hundreds of thousands each year. They’ll kill a baby after it’s pulled from a mother.

  6. “Mama… mama”. Yes, He cried out for his mama, for her help, and she is deceased. How sad.

    1. @bruce cockinson And you know this how? And even if true it does not justify vigilante public execution!

  7. That murderer ( I refuse to call him police officer) is a sadist. He’ll be served justice only by the jail inmates.

    1. I’ve got better. Sensory deprivation. Locked in a room without light (no window, just a hatch to pass the meal tray, the inmate can’t open it), everything is soundproof, there is nothing in the room except 1 mattress. Meals are brought at irregular intervals, the maton does not say a word. In a few hours the brain loses all marks. No time, no light, no sound, no human contact, with touch, taste and smell reduced to a minimum. According to studies, it’s the most effective form of torture. The reason loose in 72 hours. After this delay, the detainees begin to trip. Some have attempted suicide and opening the veins with their teeth. Others by smashing their heads against the walls. OK, that’s completely illegal in the countries respecting human rights (or pretending to do it, isn’t it Mr. Putin?) But it’s practiced in Guantanamo as far as we know. After 80 hours the brain is ready to do anything to preserve reason. Give details on an upcoming attack, for example. And yes, better not to “who will be the most sadistic” with me. I am profiler, dealing with Hannibal Lecter’s pals 24/7. It gives ideas ;);)

  8. Once the cuffs go on that’s it, game over.
    To put your knee on a suspect’s neck after the cuffs are on is sadistic.
    The sooner an example is made out of that sadistic police officer, the better.

  9. “Evil persists when good people do nothing.” As we can see… evil is persisting like a mf’er. Good people MUST stand against in every way possible corrupt and unjust laws and law enforcement. If not… we are a lesser society for sure.

  10. As an EMT I can not imagine that someone would do that
    There are so many ways to restrain an individual other than that. So sad.

    1. First off, did you know that the first arsonist turns out to be a St. Paul police officer? And did you know that the victim and his killer both worked security at the same club within the past year? Sometimes is off here.


  11. Words failed me $20 bill that he probably didn’t even know that it was bad 😭😭😭😭

    1. Has it even been established that it was that man? In all reporting I’ve seen, they say he looked like a man who was suspected of having tried to pay with a fake bill.

  12. That guy looked at the camera as if to say, i’m killing this man, and what? That was a look of pure evil.

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