1. if george was killed for forgery = lying, then michael flynn needs his neck stomped on until his last breaths escape from his criminal body.

    1. I understand your pain, but Derek Chauvin needs to be fairly prosecuted & convicted for his obvious crime. He should be given the chance to apologize to George Floyd’s family before sentencing, as this is how real healing takes place. If you don’t get this, read about the reconciliation period of South Africa, as they showed real character & decency, despite that apartheid was horrible & fascist…

    2. @David Hollenshead how do you apologise for murder? …”I’m sorry I killed your son/brother/friend?🤔”

  2. Protesting is not working. These cops need to feel fear until something is done. Give them a taste of their own medicine and they’ll crack.

    1. Then why don’t looters burn down the police precinct? Why they burning Wendy’s, and Target, and Autozone? Thats messed up.

  3. i can’t breathe .i very frustrated and so afraid for my kids and grandchildren omg its scary.

  4. “If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”
    — Malcolm X

    1. I understand what’s going on but if you’re making this comment on CNN it will go nowhere. Try to look for another News Network

    2. And here come the racists who cant seem to steer clear of the demonic behavior they’ve been taught by their ancestors, grandfathers/mothers and fathers/mothers. No one is perfect there is evil amongst vfc us all but honestly I have to say, if the anti christ came as any race…we all can assume what he’d look like. If the devil was a race…we all can assume who he’d look like. There hasnt been any other people who have touched and tainted so many and so much yet…It’s not all of you. But the vast majority of you. And those who claim not to be racist yet are silent when they witness it, you are complicit and therefore apart of the problem. You are a waste.

  5. You can only beat people down for so long. Sooner or later they will lash out. Black people have been really patient, but one can only take so much.

    1. Americans have been patient, Americans will only tolerate so much. The reason is because we’re fucking sick of the way the Police treat everyone, especially black Americans. It doesn’t matter what happens or changes regarding this because I know I’ll die before this genuinely changes. Someone will always find a way to undermine black Americans and attempt to destroy their lives for decades to come. It always ends up wrecking the Families involved forever, makes life just that much harder for all of us. It just doesn’t stop.

  6. This is gut wrenching. My heart aches for Mr. Floyd, his family and all affected by this senseless murder. The cop needs to be charged with murder and the other 3 cops for accessory to murder.

    1. They need a fair trial so that their sentence can’t be challenged…
      We all need to listen to them when they speak before being sentenced, as I suspect at least half of them will sincerely apologize…

  7. He teared up cause he seen the video like the rest of us and knows this can happen to any of us

    1. @CuriouSteve Were they killed by cops? No. there is no comparison between the two. Have we seen the video’s, no.

    2. He didn’t get teary eyed because he thinks it can happen to any of us. He got teary eyed because it was a cruel, despicable, inhumane, sadistic, callous, unrelentin, slow asfixiation of an innocent George Floyd.

    3. Gustavo Jacobo I mean that could happen to any of us. You aren’t wrong but it’s probably more than one thing

  8. I cried like a baby for that brother. It’s was so terrible to watch that monster killing that man.

    1. I saw it at work. I went to my car a crier for this man. I was tore up all day. Still am. It’s deviating that it took some as vile as this for this country to wake up and see what disgusting behavior racist officers are displaying against black people.

  9. Is Sickening how that cop had his knee on that man’s neck immutable to his pleadings… deserve first degree murder charges

  10. The reality is, there is EVIL in this world and always will be. Get in where you fit in…yet, continue to fight the Good Fight.

  11. “Like a dog”
    Ha ha ha.
    They lock you up for dog abuse.
    I wish I had the rights of a dog in this country

    1. I am sorry…my skin is white…but I feel you. No person should be treated like the people of color are, you bleed the same as I do, you feel just like I do and you are human like I am. I can not say that I know what you a go through in your day to day life, but I can see the injustice in this world and feel for you all. Again I am sorry and please forgive the color of my skin and accept my condolences and my hand in a united front to stop the injustice in this world.

  12. Investigate a murder broadcasted to millions. “Investigations” are such a political hack joke

    1. Right , there should t be an investigation. They are not going to give George justice … be we and the media can do something

    2. beverly allison There should be an investigation but the murderers should be in custody without bail in the meantime. There is no question that they did it. There is no question that it was not justified.

    3. But a must for justice…I feel the same as you do it is an outrageous thought that that cop walks free after what he did.

  13. I was yelling “Get off him!” And tears ran down my face. It was sickening. I’m so sorry that we have not grown into better people!

    1. @Rae Nutting, I just saw some pictures of what happened but couldn’t watch the video because I’m heartbroken.

  14. I love how he says “it’s not enough to be non racist. You have to be anti- racist”

    1. I was just thinking about posting the same thing. Things are so screwed up that we all have to be proactive, even if it’s in a small way. It all adds up to the critical mass we need to overcome the clueless and the cynical deniers in America.

    1. SO TRUE I AM A 67 year old SOUTH AFRICAN — I AM NOT AWARE OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA – cellphones has helped to expose the ROT

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