Brooklyn subway shooting makes residents consider their safety | USA TODAY

A New York subway attack left at least 10 shot. Residents are now reconsidering their safety in the city.

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Residents say the area around the 36th Street Station is family-friendly and is now comprised mostly of Latino and Asian residents. In 2019, out of the more than 130,000 residents, nearly 35% of the population is Asian and another 35% identify as Hispanic, according to the latest demographic data available from the American Community Survey.

The working-class neighborhood is dotted with bodegas, small businesses, and warehouses. Business signs in Chinese, Spanish and English dot the landscape, such as Ideal Automotive and Top Taste Food warehouse. “Overall, it’s a good community,” said 17-year-old Sunset Park High School student Ryan Morales, who was out walking his Golden Retriever puppy, Lio, in the park. “There’s always people that are willing to help you.”

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  2. NYC has such strict gun laws that it’s practically impossible to defend yourself.

    Let the people have a means to self defense!

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