Broward County Becomes First To Defy Gov. DeSantis By Requiring Masks

Broward County Becomes First To Defy Gov. DeSantis By Requiring Masks 1


  1. So proud of my birth county! Way to go! I’m proud that I was born in Ft. Laudderdale Broward County hospital. Cheers!!!

    1. @Im_The_PlumbeR sadly no, I was only 18 months when we moved away, but that doesn’t negate that I am proud of the county.

    1. Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review. To me that’s evidence that he was not only a good student, but he actually DID earned a degree from Harvard.

    2. Getting into the Ivy League is the hardest part. After that, it’s a cakewalk as long as you figure out how to keep the tuition paid..

    3. It isn’t you! Like who in their right mind would prefer their constituents to wear a respirator rather than a freaking mask!!!!!!

    1. Yep, vote out the Broward County fascists who want to force people rather than give them freedom. Vote in DeSantis, so that we can stay free. Good idea.

    2. @William Royer I think that’s pretty well assured at this point, given his compete indifference to the lives of the people he’s SUPPOSED to serve.

  2. Great for Broward County. Pray all counties follow and show how we will live under threats by our stupid Governor. He should be held responsible for all the medical bills and any deaths from his ignorance in medical issues. Another TRUMP.

  3. How unfortunate that people should need to band together in defiance of their representative in order to save lives. That’s not right.

    1. Unfortunately, trumpist Republicans are the party of denial of science, hence in my book, a death cult.

    2. @Chantale Massie Meanwhile in reality the governor of Oregon just removed reading writing and math requirements from high school graduates.
      So keep telling us how you’re all about science while trying to pump out literal idiots in your education system…

    3. The states which had the most strict lockdowns and mandates have the worst Covid death rates of the whole country, Cali, NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania.

  4. Having your child in school is like playing Russian Roulette!!!! Who’s kid is going to get sick and potentially die… Scary stuff.. 1 child death should be an Impeachable offense for DeSantis, a child’s life should come before his own.

    1. What about Biden? Shouldnt he be responsible for every other state than Florida? You make no sense. If you haven’t noticed, the virus is still here, we’ve had shutdowns, we’ve had mask mandates, we’ve had social distancing. It’s still here. It’s a virus, like the flu. get it, get over it.

    2. Lol other states are not the epicenter like florida, California governor already put a mask mandate in place. Biden obviously has no say in what Ron DeSantis does (yet) Biden is not the governors of the epicenter state so leave Biden out of this. Mask up and do your part in your community or you will be no better than a murder sitting in prison.

  5. Brilliant Ron, Killing off your Constituency, Really taking Care of the people of Florida. They are Dying for You . . .

  6. I remember thinking four months ago when I got the shots, everything will be back to normal soon. Yeah right.

    1. Same here, but I knew we’d have a rough time in Florida, I feel like we have a slightly higher ratio of dumbassery than most states.

    2. @Jey Lee like the Obamas and their sophisticated guests that were maskless and not social distancing at Obama’s 60th b-day celebration? Superspreaders. I guess that we peasants are unsophisticated so we shouldn’t gather for b-days or unmask? I hope you are just as critical of the Obamas and their guests.

  7. For a guy who prattles on about ‘freedom’ Delta DeSantis sure has a lot of ‘cuz I say so’ rules. BTW anytime you hear a RepubliKKKlan talking about ‘freedom’ you know they are about to take somebody else’s away.

    1. @Jennifer Rivera That’s not gonna work.
      DEMOCRAT meant something entirely different in 1865. Not like today at all. Different political values.

  8. Still don’t understand how Floridans still think this man is right for Florida, it’s clear he doesn’t care about the people and children of Florida .

  9. And Governor DeSantis continues to try to talk his way out of being responsible as he does nothing but talk, point fingers and turn his back on Florida citizens. He has authority but no responsibility.

  10. If somebody set up one go fund me per school, I bet you they would have those teacher salaries paid in a week or so.

  11. *florida was fine with the idea of teachers having guns – but doesn’t want those same teachers to wear masks.*

    1. Masks don’t work. If they did you would not have millions with the virus. Remember the virus is 1000 times SMALLER than the human hair. I thought you leftists were the party of science?

    2. @E.Nigma and what’s ludicrous about Florida? Governor Ron DeSantis kept our economy open and booming the entire year while all the democrat states were shut down.

      He saved thousands of peoples jobs and businesses as the Democrat governors completely destroyed permanently peoples businesses and jobs in those states.

      How do I know all this?
      I live in Florida.
      We have our freedoms, our churches stayed open, schools stayed open, and Ron Desantis has given parents and all of our states individuals to make their own decisions concerning their lives and not being ruled by communist Democrats telling us what to do.

      Why do you like communism and big government telling do you have to live your life?

      You really should move to China or North Korea, you Democrats would fit in perfectly there

  12. My lady was Raised, Schooled and grew up in Florida, Dade County and is definitely no Fool and I’m sure that there are others like her that will take a Stand Against being handed a Possible Death Sentence for them and their Families.

    Be Smart, Be Well and Stay Safe Folks

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