Bruce Willis’ wife shares moving message on husband’s 68th birthday

Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis and loved ones serenaded the actor in a video posted by ex-wife Demi Moore to Instagram. The family says the 68 year-old actor was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). #CNN #News #shorts


  1. He is starting to have the eyes of dementia. Love him unconditionally. Prepare for hard years ahead but love him regardless. May God bless them and give them strength

    1. I agree. weird to see after only knowing him from movies, but it does make sense. apparently it’s a rather quickly progressing form of dementia, I looked it up a while back and if I remember correctly, the typical prognosis is something like two years. 🙁

    2. My Mom was diagnosed only 2 years ago. Only because my stepdad hit it from us and never took her to the doctor to be diagnosed but from our conversations. I believe she’s had it for at least 6 years, 7 years. Dad passed away June 24th. I went there at the end of April and definitely knew there was some memory problems. After he passed she became abusive to me and I had no choice but to put her in a memory care center and she’s extremely happy there. She can’t remember my little sister and cries every time that she hears that my older brother has passed. It’s very hard 😢 she sleeps a lot and dreams of times 50 /60 years ago. She says she’s been on the phone with Grandma that passed away in the late 70s and gives her address from her child years home every time you ask her where she lives.

    3. @Ronda Leistiko yeah that’s the typical way it goes, childhood and adolescence memories are the last to remain, and people think they are back then because they’ve forgotten the passage of all those decades afterwards. there even is a (probably very expensive) dementia care concept (I think they call it dementia village) in which patients live in a truman-show like bubble imitating whatever time period most dementia patients currently remember (so around the 60s now), set up like a town square or a little mall and park. apparently it’s soothing for dementia patients to play along with their delusion, because being confronted with a reality they don’t understand (or even becoming aware and understanding that they have dementia) tends to be very scary.

    4. @Semechki for Putin she’s in a good memory care center and it’s very expensive 5300.$ a month 17 residents with 5 nurses on staff 24/7 Nice safe community center

  2. I have tears running down my face. No one should have to face this. I am 62 and have always loved Bruce Willis.
    Much love and respect here for the Willis family. Blessings and prayers from San Antonio Texas. ❤🙏

  3. Happy Birthday Bruce Willis🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.
    You love some you love in all seasons. That’s how you do that. ❤

  4. Love him 💖 my Mom turned 83 years young today. We have her in a lovely community for memory care and she’s happy and I just want Bruce Willis to be happy too.

    1. I agree 100%. This isn’t about me but I’ve been with my husband 40 yrs after falling in love in less than 10 days. And he’s been dealing with me and my health struggles for 30 years. Cheers to family who are there for each other. And a blessed Happy Birthday to Bruce – who, if I may add, is absolutely one of my most favorite actors on this planet!! And god bless his family for their strength.

  5. I wish my divorced mother & father had the same relationship that Demi & Bruce have.

    If either one of them caught dementia, they wouldn’t care.

  6. Bruce, inspired many to be a hero. Thank you for Mrs.Willis for taking care of him and being his rock.

  7. Oh… that’s upsetting. But to see him smile so wide there is nice… he is a great actor. Grew up watching his stuff with my dad.

  8. I appreciate and think highly of Bruce. Definitely a 🐐. Give him his roses now Hollywood while he alive not when they die

  9. It’s hard however she shows love and brings Honor to her family. It’s her Duty to take care of her husband.

  10. Prayers of comfort and strength for Bruce and his family. It’s bittersweet to see them all smiling when you know their hearts are breaking.

  11. I’m happy he’s feeling better and doing well. It’s just too bad that everyone doesn’t receive the same amount of medical care because they are not famous which is really horrible reason why they would get better care.

  12. Happy Birthday, Bruce!! You have a loving WIFE and are surrounded by a family who loves you dearly.

  13. I have loved Bruce Willis since day one. It breaks my heart what he and his family are going through. I love how you all are connected in your love for him and are there with him. The display of love speaks volumes as to what a great man/husband/dad etc etc he has been. May God strengthen you all through this difficult sad journey. 😢🙏🏽

  14. So very sad, but he looks happy here. I’m sure all of his fans will be sending prayers & good thoughts to his family❤

  15. A great reminder for all of us to ask others without assumption,how they are doing, and be willing to listen. We all can use someone to honestly just listen.

    1. That’s very good advice. Most likely when people say, how are you doing? It’s just a kind statement. They usually don’t really want to know. It is a good thing to listen to people. You never know what they might need. Five minutes from you could mean a lot to them.

  16. I’m very sorry that Mr. Willis has a form of dementia. Thank goodness he has a family and a financial means to be taken care of by someone. There are people facing the same type of disease without their resources to have any type of quality care it is not his fault so people must understand. it’s a medical condition that other people have had to face. I’m sure that Mrs. Willis Has a lot of courage. Media people who have time to the man should be ashamed.

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