Hear what Xi said to Putin during critical meeting

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have met at the Kremlin and touted the close ties and strategic visions shared by China and Russia, on the first day of a state visit framed by Beijing as a peacemaking project despite deep skepticism in Kyiv and the West. #CNN #News


    1. @BriskJunta, the Ethiopian Prime minister was responding to attack on nation’s military base by the regional government, what did you expected him to do award his Nobel peace prize to the Juntas ?

  1. _”We can cooperate and work together to achieve our goals.”_
    Yea, that… uh… doesn’t sound like brokering peace. That sounds like creating a formal alliance. “I have your back, if you have mine.”

    And as I type this whilst the video plays, it sounds like that’s exactly the sentiment they got as well… 😒

    1. You have to remember that China and Russia against the West and NATO. China and Russia vs West and NATO, this is a future question.

    2. @Thanh Vu Or maybe Xi should make Putin sign a paper that says “Russia will not join NATO”.

    3. The did talk about plan for peace talk during the discussion but conveniently CNN or all the western media left that part of talk out in their broadcast.

  2. imagine having to sit there and watch two well suited leaders enjoying their life while they send people to fight their battles and die for nothing lol.war is senseless

    1. That’s why all the top rich and elite you know are building gigantic underground castles. They don’t think the planet needs to have other people.

    1. This and the Trump show are the worst to have to binge watch. Can someone please get us to the series’finales already!

    1. They like each other very much… Xping is glimpsing and glowing….yes there’s real understanding.. 😂

  3. Message to China and Russia, Japan learned what the true meaning of “Don’t tread on me” leave Ukraine or face the consequences.

  4. I would have enjoyed a detailed translation of the dialogue instead of an interpretation from a reporter.

  5. Very insightful reporting. Not much content of the China-Russia conversation (because there’s likely not that much discussed yet) but the analyses of the Chinese-Russian political dynamic and shared ideology goals are very valuable.

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