Budget’s housing measures look to ‘break barriers to increase housing supply’: Freeland

Budget's housing measures look to 'break barriers to increase housing supply': Freeland 1


  1. So, is this the next step to having the budget balance itself? Okay Freeland, lets hear you be clear on this point!!!!

  2. Even if they did create 100 thousand homes that’s not gonna do anything for the supply. And where are those 100 thousand homes gonna be built? If they are all in 1 city then it will only affect the demand in 1 city

  3. you can totally see her thought process when she got dressed: “OH I’m going to be grilled with questions, I better put on my suit with the widest shoulders – maybe if I look like a linebacker, it’ll protect me’

  4. So let in 400-500 thousand immigrants minimum a year ,
    Print money and blast the prices of utilities so high no one who would buy thi ‘affordable’ housing can afford the houses

  5. we don’t need more houses we need realistic costs. stop digging in our pockets to fund other nations and their citizens.

    1. Then how will they ever implement “you will own nothing and be happy?” Smh

  6. Ok Freeland how are you going to increase housing supply? Last time I checked most of the 2021 and now the 2022 budget’s housing allocation was towards stimulating demand not supply.

  7. There’s nothing realistic about this government’s budget or past governments budgets. You can’t keep taxing the working class. Cut back on government spending eliminate unnecessary taxation “Carbon tax, lower income tax”

  8. Start by stopping foreign investors from buying everything for air bnbs and overpriced rentals.

  9. Never in our history have we seen such a catastrophic failure of a government here in Canada. This women is disgusting.

  10. You can’t just throw money at it. Scrap the unnecessary regulations that make building a home take twice as long

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