Bergen: Budget shows Liberals ‘have abandoned who they are’ as a party

Bergen: Budget shows Liberals 'have abandoned who they are' as a party 1


    1. Are you serious? It’s these parties which better look after the needs of the poor, whereas the conservatives are all about helping businesses and the rich!

    1. Simple answer is when quantity is low demand goes up. If the demand is high you can sell for higher because buyers are more desperate. So her point is, if you create a whole bunch of housing then the demand will drop and so will prices. Thus more canadians would be able to afford a home. Plus based on competitiveness and making profit, contractors will most definitely undercut each other so that they get sales. If you have the highest price and you’d make the most profit from a sale but you never get it sold then it might as well be $0, but if you undercut to a point that is still feasible then you can get sales. That’s to the extent I understand it, but I’m certain there is more that could be said.

    2. @Tyler Frampton tell that to canadians who cant afford proper meals and who struggle to pay the bills each month

    3. @Tyler Frampton when has conservative government ever worried about cheaper housing , they like big business it is better to have 5 small business than one big competition is better for consumer

  1. Did I hear Trudeau say revenues were up because of royalties from increased oil prices. What a hypocrite! I thought he wanted to curtail energy production?

    1. They also approved a deepwater project to help the east while continuing to block oil from the west.

    2. I would support the federal government saving all taxes collected from resource companies in a sovereign wealth fund and potentially paying off government loans to help future generations. For 1 year all revenue from oil, gas, coal, nickel, potash and other mining companies should all be set aside from other revenues and other taxes increased so Canadians would understand how much our public services are subsidized by resource extraction industries.

    3. He wants to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, as did the Conservatives when they signed Canada up to the Kyoto Accord. That can entail curtailing production, but so does carbon capture efforts, which this budget invests in a bunch. Add to that that saying revenues are up because of oil royalties is just stating a fact. That doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

  2. They haven’t abandoned whom they are at all.
    They’ve _demonstrated_ whom they are.
    Big diff.

  3. Trudeau and the NDP must have a lot of money in their pockets, my kids are in their mid and late twenties and they face incredible hurdles to be able to own a home some day. it is crazy the housing is so unobtainable for young families in Canada

    1. @Hyperpandas perfect! Plus don’t for a moment think the conservatives would do better or, indeed, help out at all!

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