Buffalo shooter who killed 10 gets life in prison without parole | USA TODAY

The sentencing of a mass shooter who targeted Black shoppers at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, was filled with emotional, violent outbursts.

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Family members of several victims spoke about their loved ones during Payton Gendron's sentencing hearing in Erie County Court, where he pleaded guilty in November to more than a dozen charges, including murder and domestic terrorism motivated by hate. The terrorism charge carried an automatic life sentence.

Judge Susan Eagan spoke about the legacy and impact of white supremacy in the United States and the life of each of the victims as she imposed 11 life sentences, which will run concurrently. Gendron was also sentenced to 25 years on each of three counts of attempted murder, to be served consecutively, and a 15-year sentence for a weapons charge.

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  1. He will get passed around in prison by the black folk. I can’t even imagine what will really happen to him in there.

  2. why did they existed what was for the reason for there existence why did they live the deepest regret for that boy is that he did it and he wish to take back a reason a reason ????

  3. Sadly, the very families of those he killed, will have to pay for his housing, feeding, medical, dental, and so on. What an insult to them and all taxpayers. What is the lesson society is supposed to learn? That you can kill 10 innocent people ans still get to live.

    1. @TheLegendOfRandy It doesn’t cost more. That’s a myth. Feeding and housing the dude for the next 60 years of his life costs much more than paying for a relativley cheap chemical, and killing him with it in like 10 years.

    2. I would rather pay more for his execution. It is worth it. That scum doesnt deserve to breathe our air. Then I might sleep at night.
      Hopefully Federal Court gives him the Death Sentence tomorrow. It’s way past time for REAL PUNISHMENT. NOT non-existent “reform”.
      A Colorado Mountain Grandma USA 💜🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🥀🥀🥀

    3. The problem is that the death penalty doesn’t stop people from committing crimes as much as life in prison does.

    1. @The Talking Shroom……i dunno about NY but here in Cali …ya know San Quentin where the AB started and Pelican Bay would not have him. Use him like most prison tools sure. Make him rank. Never.

  4. Hopefully prison guards turn a blind eye for atleast 10 minutes so some inmates can do to him what happened to Dahmer.

  5. “Homeland security is a governmental phrase that is as oxymoronic as crazy as saying military intelligence, or the U.S Department of Justice. They’re just words, they have very little relationship to reality. Now do you feel safer now? Do you think you will anytime soon? Do you think duct tape and Kleenex and color codes will make you safe?” ~ From Death Row, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal. Strap up my peers

  6. There is no punishment other than torture for life to that guy and yet that Reno wouldn’t be equal, no punishment can be equal to taking away innocent lives

  7. I was thinking today they need harder punishment for these mass shooters like hanging in less then a year

    1. I say public executions! With allowing each family member to have 10 minutes of beating him prior on stage and then off with the head

  8. It’s crazy because the black security guard that he killed MADE AN ENGINE THAT RUNS ON WATER!!! It was clearly an assassination!!! He has a YouTube channel

  9. I don’t believe death should mean more death. This sentence isn’t just but it’s the best we can and should do as a society. If he really means what he says than his life is valuable in the sense of if he can do advocate work and keep more gun violence and hate groups from happening or continuing. He’s not a good person but if it could save another from becoming that and any lives then he should live for that sake. We need mental health and gun control not to lower ourselves to killing as well. People are people and we can do better. Everything in the news says we need to

  10. “No Way!!!” This BS will never “STOP!” IF these “Cowards!” know they’ll only get a “Life in Prison Punishment!”

  11. thank god justice is served !!!!!!!! may god rest the souls of the Buffalo victims. I feel sorry for the victims & their families. All these hate crimes must stop. NY BUFFALO y’all are in my prayers.

  12. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️💚. Ohhhh the HATE😡😡that is in our world nowadays. 😿😿😿

  13. I hate to say in some cases where the crime is so heinous , a tall tree and a short rope in needed. Because of total costs to all. Because the person who committed the crimes, like others have said he will have to be housed, fed, medical care , legal and other costs for his interment for a nother 40 to 60 years. I fear that the victims families , community and nation will not be able to heal till he is given a nice pine box and a 4x8x 6 foot plot of ground.

  14. I wish that sad man had gotten to that evil monster. They better not punish him. He already has a broken heart. Love to our Brother.

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