Family travel: How to handle jet lag for you and the kids | USA TODAY

There’s no magic formula to erase jet lag, but there are things you can do to ease your family members into a new time zone.

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Jet lag is a reality of travel, and when you’re traveling with kids, the stakes feel even higher. Knowing how to help kids (and their adults) combat jet lag is a key part of a great family vacation.

When my kids were five and seven, my sister-in-law moved to Singapore. Planning our first visit felt exciting, but I was also hesitant because of the long flight, 16-hour time difference, and the serious jet lag I knew we’d all face. And while the jet lag was rough, we got through it and had a great time.

The lessons I learned on that trip have given my family a foundation that helps us all – adults and kids – get through jet lag more quickly and with way less drama on our family travel adventures.

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