Bull Bay & Harbour View Pounded by Tropical Storm Grace | TVJ News – August 17 2021


  1. When will the media start asking these politicians tough questions? Why is it Everytime rain falls the roads are destroyed? Why are roads being built without drainage?

  2. Take this from me Jamaica will become like Haiti because of the terrible politicians we’ve had from 1962. The dollar has devalued to $155, so watch in 10yrs when it reach $400….JLPNP must go now

    1. @MojiiVeVo 😂😂 Another diehard in their feelings. Where did I say they did? When it reach $400 in 10yrs a hope you can protect yourself because it will be dog nyam dog a road. A bread is $450 shops start sell two slice. Even a squeeze of toothpaste to brush your teeth shop selling now for $30.

  3. When jamaicans are gonna start put lawsuit’s on the government for all these damage caused by bad road conditions smh

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