Bus crash in British Columbia leaves 4 dead on Christmas Eve

Alissa Thibault has the details on a British Columbia bus crash that left four people dead and dozens injured on Christmas Eve.

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  1. The Edmonton/Calgary route is really bad during winter. The XMas Eve drive to see families is crazy if a blizzard is happening – which is common. It would be nice to have a train between the two cities.

  2. Maintenance needs to be doubled in the winter on this Hwy! It seems since the tolls were lifted, the Province doesn’t give a (profanity laced) hoot about it!

  3. Maybe if they did a better job at cleaning our roads this would never happen. I myself live out that way and pay freakin hard core Taxes to live here and the roads are terrible! Thank your crappy government for this tragedy!

  4. Sad to hear for everyone ! Multiple casualties ! Stick together during this time ! Very treacherous roads ….

  5. I’ve driven that highway, the only incidents I’ve seen were knobs not driving to conditions. Not saying the driver was at fault but were they familiar with the highway?

  6. Do the RCMP not know how to protect the public on dangerous icy roads? Perhaps they could close the road until traction is reestablished?

  7. We drove that road less than an hour before the crash… it was very poor conditions. Can’t believe it was open.

  8. “We will be asking how something this tragic could happen just before Christmas?” What has Christmas got to do with it? It would be just as tragic on any day. Stop trying to sensationalize peoples pain and JUST REPORT THE NEWS. Please.

  9. Heart breaking send emails to your MLA about this, my MLA is Minister of Transportation Mr.Fleming. Failure to clear the roads and issuing warnings.

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