Bus driver arrested after crash into daycare in Quebec

Genevieve Beauchemin reports from the scene in Laval, Que. and says that police have arrested the driver of the bus.

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    1. @Adam Hero Silly thing to say. Once arrested, criminals lose All their rights, except the right to remain silent and right to an attorney. It should be obvious why the public mob cannot serve as the judge, jury and executioners. They freaking jump to conclusions.

    2. Calm down hate mongers and communal peddlers in this thread. The driver name is Pierre Ny St-Amand. You lost an opportunity to rile up sentiments now because he is one of you..

    1. @Mouse One W Liberals equate everything to racism just as conservatives equate everything to gun control. Sadly predictable response.

    2. If He/she is a somewhat newly minted Canadian. Ban it to its home country.. not being useful here, just driving up the bills. That should be in law.

    3. A pregnant chick in Texas had her brains blown out INSIDE her house from OUTSIDE gunfire. Its IMPOSSIBLE to defend urself from a gun, with a gun. How about we fire a few rounds at u and see how ur gun will save u.

      If we forced all Cons to prove what they say, 99% would accept and be disappeared and then the 1% remaining could then be called terrorists

  1. Omg everyone commenting about banning buses and everything are insensitive pricks. Children are dead. And your trying to make a joke out of things

    1. @Robert Harper yeah totally, gonna make sure everyone is well trained? no? can’t afford it? ok then…. don’t wear your seat belt either
      laws are for dumb fucks who won’t actually educate themselves… everyone else has their firearms and wears their seat belts, cuz they follow rules and there-for can be free to do what they like

    2. ​@Not Here You can still make money selling hunting/sporting rifles, you don’t need access to thousands of different types of guns.

    1. @Brill Bruiser The guy has an ultra-Francophone name.
      Even if his parents were from abroad, Trudeau would’ve been a kid.

    2. @Andy Lord : Pierre Trudeau started this hot mess of third world multicultural 💩.
      Canada has been sold out and on decline since 1979.

  2. Look at street view. How could it be an accident at 30kmh. There’s maybe 200 feet out of the roundabout in front of the school

  3. The bus Driver was crazy and stl should pass from inspection and the poor parents this bus driver to go the the jail for life

  4. I can’t imagine any other pain on this earth being more agonizing and far-reaching than that of the loss of ones child. In such a horrific way as well? My love and light to you all. Oh, my heart! Poor l’il peanuts 😢

  5. It was certainly deliberate. History shows the anger here was meant for someone. Was it his spouse? There’s claims this guys wife worked at this daycare. The rumours are he filed for divorce.

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