What we know about the bus crash into a daycare in Quebec

Genevieve Beauchemin reports from the scene in Laval, Que. after a bus crashed into a daycare leaving multiple people seriously injured.

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    1. What the hell are you talking about? What would these parents have done to a local bus driver to do this on purpose? Fool.

  2. This is soooo SICK these are young little kids WTF!!! If you hate yourself get help and take your meds!!!

    1. As someone who struggles with my mental health, I would rather die than put ANYONE at risk. I take my meds, talk to my doctor and counseling, and keep in touch with all my supports. It’s an illness, but it’s MINE to work through.

  3. Just imagine your a baby or a young child then you see a bus heading towards you or your friends at full speed

  4. 80 children go to the daycare? Is it a pre school? Is it a before school care centre? It seems a really high number for a daycare. Let’s hope he wasn’t texting or driivng too fast. Tragedy for all.

  5. “I haven’t seen the pictures & I don’t know any details so I’m wasting your time reporting nothing.”

  6. I have seen bad drivers all around BC, Driving below speed, not giving indicators. A huge crackdown is needed. We cannot even comprehend what the parents must be going through

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