Busted: GOP Tries To Stop Protesters As McConnell Feels Heat On Police Reform 1

Busted: GOP Tries To Stop Protesters As McConnell Feels Heat On Police Reform


As pressure mounts on Mitch McConnell to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, Republicans are attempting to stop the movement to hold police more accountable. They have introduced 81 anti-protest bills this year across 34 states. MSNBC's Alicia Menendez reports. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Busted: GOP Tries To Stop Protesters As McConnell Feels Heat On Police Reform


  1. Contrast what happened in the last presidential election with the roadblocks the GOP is putting in place, nationwide, before the midterm elections.

    1. @James Dino defund them is the best solution to get rid of undercover criminals that dressed in blues..police are people that applied to become a officer hiding theirs criminals background

    2. @James Dino Sounds like you’re perfectly fine with cops just shooting black people in the streets huh?

    3. I hate to say it but I’m pretty sure the only solution is dividing the USA into 2 countries. That way liberal minded society can construct a new 21st century parliamentarian democracy with, ranked voting, proportional voting, no senate, mandatory voting, automatic voter registration, automatic state ID for free, universal health care, worker owned businesses, free university education, a guaranteed jobs program, detailed career roadmaps explaining how to achieve your dreams in a simple to follow formula that the school would do on your behalf and encourage, compulsory military and/or civil service ( I know its controversial but this is my ideal democracy), total trade embargoes against countries who use religion as the basis for their legal systems, citizenship requirements and severe human rights violations (genocide, mass incarceration, slave labor), state of the art national mass public transport system, and on and on.

  2. Republicans: “dont impede on our freedoms with masks and lockdowns”
    Also Republicans: “we need more restrictions on voting and protests.”
    Republicans again: “We dont need more gun laws”
    And yet again, Republicans: “pro life!!! But you cant use contraception”

    1. @Patton Moore so if there’s 600k dead and 400k died under Trump that leaves 200k under Biden. “The buck stops with the president” the said under Trump. Well okay then that means Biden’s killed 200k. Fact!

    2. @Patton Moore why do you keep going on about Trump anyway? He wasn’t great, I don’t deny that. But Biden’s president now so stop bringing up Trump to try to deflect from his awful job so far. Fact!

    3. When they say “Make America Great Again”, they mean, take us back, way way back, to the barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and to the “coloured” folk who respect/submit to our (the biblical patriarchal) authority/superiority

  3. People need to remember, you can believe police need to be reformed & held accountable while supporting the police. The two are NOT mutually exclusive.

    1. @One Night If you can change your messaging to voters, then you can also communicate to voters how to find more balanced, reputable sources.

    2. @FENTANYL FLOYD you’re a desperate fool, really you are. I said it was an international platform. Bit hard to be foreigner on an international platform. A bit much for you to comprehend it would seem. Not surprising really.



  4. So so much is coming to or has came to light. The world should just laugh when we America brings up human rights

    1. @Maria Trillos Elections are won by the popular vote. Those elected are supposed to represent US in congress. If those elected don’t represent their constituents, than they’re not doing what they were sent there to do. There is nothing “right” about the Republican stance on things now. As for your comment about free speech, Desantis just passed a bill that makes free speech a crime in Florida. The right seems to have issues with free speech they disagree with not the left. That is especially so when it comes to religious freedom.

    2. @whiteindianone If people can’t convince you that climate change is due to “man made things”, you don’t deserve the computer you’re typing on. Shame on you for enjoying the fruits of our extremely hard-working scientists (science is HARD…it’s extremely slow, and delicate) while refusing to believe some of the most clear and well-reproduced science we have.

      You must have massive ego to think that they’ve all just made some big “mistake”, and you know better…my God…you realize these people train for 10 years of their life just to get an entry level position at 50k a year? Then they go from job to job without a permanent position, remaining at that salary, and only a tiny portion finally earn a tenured professorship, usually 5-10 years after that? You have no idea how dedicated these people are. They are obsessed with their craft. You have no idea how smart these people are. You owe them the very technology that sits in your hands, yet you STILL refuse to believe that their methods WORKS. It’s sad. You might as well be a flat-Earther. The science for climate change really is that strong.

    3. They are trying bend the will of the people to their way of thinking and anyone having the nerve no to “bend” will be dealt with severely.

    1. @madeleine maxwell I live here in Florida moved here from California in the early 80’s with my sister….raised my kids here, California is wayyy expensive unfortunately, but dam I HATE FLORIDA’S POLITICIANS, LOCAL OFFICIALS AND “MANY” of the residences
      Ughhhh Im running out of places to find unless I just pack up and move to Canada

    2. Notice how the “Democrat” states back then are all RepubliKKKunt states now? Notice how the RepubliKKKans RIGHT NOW that are in the House and Senate are almost exclusively saltine colored old dudes? Nobody is buying that stupid crap you got sold on. If you quit commenting fascist right-wing cult crap on YT, you might still have a chance to meet a girl and get laid instead of dying frustrated and alone while trying your best to ignore the fact that you got suckered into thinking an orange, TREASONOUS, moron was the best President ever.

    3. @Ken Rimmer I don’t put anything pass the republican party and the Supreme Court, now. But I do hope that those 6 conservative judges will have the guts to call out all those laws (that republican state leaders are introducing and passing) for what they really are. Its just and wait and see right now.

    4. @Larry Foster And he’s the big creator with 17 subs, 5 videos and 135 views 11 years
      With his viral video hit of shooting at a dead cow it got over 40 views in 4 years

  5. We need to re-imagine policing in our society. The current system is failing badly! The GOP needs to reimagine their own party because the current one is also failing!

    1. Good! I hope the GQP dissolves completely! They are a hindrance to the forward progress we need to make.

    2. Yes barb. If someone breaks into your house and holds you captive, if you can get loose, call the local drug dealer and ask for help.

    3. @Lynne Collins Then why are the RED states the ones passing laws that allow me to mow down the Proud Boys next time they swarm downtown (this goes both ways)

    4. @Karin Reck Got the wrong group It’s the lefts little violent Marxist BLM who have destroyed half the country causing 2 billion dollars in property damage and killed 30 people including an 8 year old little black girl in Atlanta They’re making the law to keep the Marxists trash out Oh and don’t forget the lefts little communists thugs Antifa who have burned down Kenosha Seattle and have been rioting in Portland since last summer

    1. Well, they play games when you trust them to “represent ” you. Not sure what all they get away with. The govt doesn’t listen to the people and the people don’t listen to the govt. It may be that if enough money is thrown at something, it can effect the outcome. Things like how they interpret the law can be swayed by this, that and the other, mostly money. I don’t agree with it but it ‘s been going on long enough to notice our system is broken.
      Govt for, of and by the people? Is that a Fairy Tale?

  6. All 81 of those bills violate the 1st amendment, and the 1st amendment shall not be infringed either just like the 2nd unfortunately or the entire Bill of Rights for that matter

  7. If you storm our nation’s capital and threaten our elected officials you can call “time out” and go on vacation.
    Anybody see the total lack of justice in that?

    1. The elected officials were not being threatened. The only ones threatening people seem to be people like Maxine Waters and the Democrat Party who stand up for violence of BLM and Antifa.

    2. @Sandy Didn’t Jesus talk about Red and Yellow, Black and White, that all people are the same, that we are all from Adam and Eve? Unless I’m wrong??

  8. You know what can’t be considered “riots” ??
    Smother them with return signature


    2. You know what can’t be considered riots, peaceful protests. You know what government can’t interfere with, citizens rights to peacefully protest. They know this so what’s their end game? What are these distractions real purpose?

    1. What stopping blm and antifa riots like last 3 days when set business on fire oh yes your Media don’t show these things because hurt the oh is just a peaceful protest agenda so sad so no more green hats when antifa riots so sad they well be only them full black blok like chickens so scared no one see their ugly feces when they riots and attack people and set fire and destroy business oh yes antifa is just an idea ha

  9. We should be get in contact with our supreme court justices and make sure this isn’t allowed to continue.

  10. Anti-protest laws are going to keep a great many lawyers employed this years. We need 13 judges on the Supreme Court, we see heir end game.

  11. Conservatives seem to know they can’t win a free and fair election, so voter suppression is their go to strategy, rather than consider the desires of voters.

    1. Let’s get rid of IDS for alcohol and cigarettes aswell. They are less important then an election so no big deal.

  12. Great segment! Lynching was all about intimidation. This is just more intimidation. So are the voter suppression bills.

  13. I’m an older white person. I will support our First Adment Right to speak out with my last breath! What these states are doing and trying to pull is absolutely WRONG!

  14. There’s only so much space in jails. Mass protests can overwhelm little Ron DeSantis’ shiny new law.

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