Labor Secy. Marty Walsh Argues Why GOP Should Vote For The American Jobs Plan | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Labor Secy. Marty Walsh Argues Why GOP Should Vote For The American Jobs Plan | Deadline | MSNBC


U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh highlights the importance of the American Jobs Plan, which he says is about “recovery” and “moving the economy forward”. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Labor Secy. Marty Walsh Argues Why GOP Should Vote For The American Jobs Plan | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. The economy is doing well because the four-year Trump Administration disaster is over, and we have responsible people in charge now.

    1. @darena12 Why don’t you go to the border and hop into a cage? You could see how your kind treats innocent little kids. Demonrats must enjoy violating little kids human rights. No wonder you ppl are on board with Chinas genocide.

    2. @David Eby pathetic cultist. Did you forget trump putting those kids in ages already? God you conservatives are such filth. Your total ignorance is truly remarkable

    3. @James Smith That’s funny!!! So,inviting little children to our country and then promptly throwing them into cages is great! Thousands of kids being abused at the border and it’s ALL on Veggie Biden,Kacklin Kamaltoe and you.

  2. The GOP can stop pretending they’re populists now. Nobody believes them who has an ounce of common sense.

  3. Funny how every week was infrastructure week under T**** and now the GOP is screaming using the American people’s own money to repair infrastructure is a terrible thing. What’s wrong with those guys?

  4. No bugger than the depression you put on US from not doing what you sould have during the beginning of the pandemic. YBFP

  5. Trump would have preferred to be the dictator who chooses who is able to succeed and who is not, based on what goes into Trump’s pocket.

  6. So good not having the US President subservient to Putin.
    The only time the office of the President has not been the most powerful in the world since WW2 is the previous term.

  7. He said he would march to the Capitol with his supporters on Jan 6 also.
    That didn’t happen either.
    All hail the former buffoon-in-chief-thief!

  8. Lest we forget: trump’s prophecies and predictions —
    > Mexico would pay for the wall,
    > Coronavirus would spontaneously disappear
    > he would be easily re-elected

    1. Umm…
      Which wall ?
      The one along the Mexican border, or the Colorado one ?
      Easter has come and gone…
      Twice now.
      And by 2024 he will be as lame as they call President Biden.
      3 strikes.
      Stay safe and healthy.

  9. Everyday under the Biden administration we are being reminded just how incompetent trump was. I shudder to think of what epic chaos the nation would be mired in at this very moment had trump remained in office still the president!

  10. Just because it’s called American Jobs Plan, doesn’t mean it’s about american jobs.
    Kind of like “Black Lives Matter” cares about black lives.

    1. Neither was Trump Tax Cuts was suppose to generate jobs. Yet business owners bought only yachts.

  11. Let’s just do it We have mountains of broken and insufficient junk to fix around these parts of the world

  12. Probably we should select a committee to work with a republican committee to iron out differences. That is the way things of been done in the past and instead it sounds like we want to just hold our breath and stamp our feet and have a hissy fit. Let’s prove to the world that we have a few adults and the Democrat party.

  13. A 16 year old shot by police is a child but a 16 year old voting is an adult. These are confusing times.

  14. I met Marty Walsh when he was Mayor of Boston like 5 times could not be nicer I’m cheering for you Marty all the way from Boston

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