Buttigieg wants 'clear direction' on infrastructure talks by next week 1

Buttigieg wants ‘clear direction’ on infrastructure talks by next week


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells CNN's Jake Tapper that there needs to be "a clear direction" on infrastructure talks by the time Congress returns from its recess next week, calling ongoing negotiations over the administration's sweeping proposal "encouraging" while stressing that the public expects action on the issue soon.
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  1. The fact that people find it so difficult to wear a mask during a pandemic to stop the continuation of the pandemic is a concern.

    1. @Leroy 100 Science and facts really do matter. Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. COVID-19 is caused by infection with a new coronavirus (called SARS-CoV-2) and flu is caused by infection with influenza viruses.

    2. @B. T. Tell that to the people of Texas. We lifted the mask mandate and our numbers went down. Grow up. Yes people died, yes India had a surge. Doesn’t mean masks or lack thereof were the reason you simpletons. Correlation doesn’t = causation. India had very strict lockdowns and had a massive surge during them. The media is doing a full 180, and backpedaling to explain the lab leak theory when a YEAR ago we knew this and were straight up censored. Fauci lies and says don’t wear masks, then he says wear them, then it’s no need for the same protocols outside if it’s a BLM protest but YOU can’t go to work or see your loved ones? It’s also come out that there isn’t a SINGLE recorded case of casual outside person to person transmission of Covid!!! Yet you people are wearing masks inside your own vehicle? This is Looney Tuns batshit crazy stuff. And most of us have had our fill. The “science” hasn’t been followed for a long time now. I wear a mask if people around me or the store asks me to, anything more then that you can f right off.

    3. It’s a big lie but go ahead all of you idiots wear 10 at one time and put us all out of your misery

  2. Absolutely! It’s not about roads and bridges … it’s about cyber security, the national grid (Texas blackouts!), The protection of national water security, and the widespread ban on American timber.

    1. Our infrastructure needs upgrade but the security of the infrastructure (not just Texas) could bring the entire country down where political action may not. It’s clear Democracy is under attack and we need to build protection against it.

    2. Texas is NOT part of the national grid, that’s why they failed. They are what happens when you go full republican and give it to a private company.

    3. True. If the GOP were MDs, they would recognise muscles and bones, but would deny the existence of a nervous system.

  3. I’m surprised by the question of why fully vaccinated people should have to wear a mask in an airplane I’m sure everyone in that plane is not fully vaccinated or vaccinated at all this type of reporting is what turns people against the media…

    1. But the question IS relevant. The CDC is saying that vaccinated people are safe regardless of if the people around them are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Maybe you could make an argument about confined spaces or length of time but….

    2. @Jill Featherman while the question is relevant it almost is counterintuitive. Because it’s almost always phrased in a manner that supports hesitancy verses seeking to clarify. The press is adversarial but sometimes it’s borders on mistrust.

  4. People have to know that protecting themselves means protecting others and your community!

  5. Well he doesn’t want to get in trouble by saying that we have to wear the mask for those who have not and don’t want to get vaccinated and I bet those would be the first ones complaining if we didn’t have any vaccinations available

    1. We’ll keep not wearaing masks in our nice Republican States and suburbs and if you don’t like it, you can stay in your masked-up Blue States and Democrat cities with the rest of the miserable people and we’ll just avoid them… Deal?

  6. Simple math, 1/2 of the population is vaccinated, therefore everyone wears a mask when packed in spaces like sardines.

    1. Have a vaccine passport, and don’t let the idiots, that refuse vaccination, to ride.

    1. Real news doesn’t have to advertise in the free comment section of well established popular news channel. Spend some $ on advertising ur service in the appropriate place for advertising. This just makes u look poor, cheap, and anything but truth bc real news doesn’t have to be this desperate.

  7. I have been asking for a more clear direction on the infrastructure talks for months and gotten no information. All they want to do is make a bill and say they did something. Not actually get a shovel in the ground. Infrastructure is way overdue.

    1. Only crumbling Democrat cities need infrastructure bailouts because they are too incompetent to manage their own states and cities…

    2. @Grace American Strange way to talk about Mitch McConnell. It also would have helped if there had been something like a plan.

  8. Does anybody know what flavour ice cream Joe was eating on camera a few days ago? I didn’t quite catch it.

    1. Just today Joe was talking about his dead son and said “if he was here, he’d be here”. He said when his dead son died, “Hunter lost his dad” but started porking his dead brother’s wife. The truth is just getting more and more entertaining every day.

    1. They’re horrible! Theyve completely brainwashed almost half the country. I can’t even believe it:(

    2. Yes. Same as the right. The US doesn’t have a chance when people fall for these politicians.

    3. @Corey Bixby & the other half is just as wasted. It’s hard to believe so many people are so gullible

  9. Geez what a tough interview — “how long until you just use Reconciliation to pass crazy leftist policy?” , asked 10 different ways

  10. Pete just wants to ride the “big train” he dreams of and still has nocturnal emmissions over. Sad really.

    1. Fiona Bologna it really is sad to see that really happened to all of our tax money with the infrastructure… All these old bridges, roads, highways, dirty MTA, trains.. I don’t understand…. Really

    2. @annie lin what’s sad is people don’t realize those tax dollars are going in ol Pete’s pocket. And they egg it on. That is reaching disgusting. Especially with the added racism thrown in. Vile and pathetic, Dem’s new motto.

  11. “A clear direction” is roads, dams, bridges, interstates and highways, pipelines, and repairs of those in need of it. Internet and 5G/6G should be on the table. Security of said items also should be considered. Everything else is just waste.

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