Bystander Who Told Floyd To Comply With Police Breaks Down On The Stand | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Bystander Who Told Floyd To Comply With Police Breaks Down On The Stand | Morning Joe | MSNBC


While on the witness stand in the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, bystander Charles McMillian breaks down during video replay of George Floyd calling for his mother. The panel discusses. Aired on 04/01/2021.
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Bystander Who Told Floyd To Comply With Police Breaks Down On The Stand | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Why does someone only suspected of having paid with a false 20 dollar bill have to be arrested at gun point? Imagine him being a Wall Street banker having just swindled people out of millions, he would have been treated with more respect and still be alive.

    1. No one should lose their lives over 20 dollars, especially in the so called Richest country in the World, shouldn’t end like this

    2. @Michael Hunziker what was he going to do, shoot them with another fake twenty — there’s not even proof he knew it was fake. The cops didn’t know who he was prior to pulling the gun!!!

    3. @Mike Lally and Trump played Republicans by perpetuating “white grievances “ where none exists.

  2. All these witnesses breaking down as they’re retraumatized forced to relive that terrible day. If I knew nothing but what I was seeing and hearing in court, it’s pretty damning that every single one of them is feeling guilty because they couldn’t do anything. It’s pretty damning for the jury to see.

    1. @BLUE ANON Did you know that George’s death was NOT added to the list of covid deaths? but stage 4 cancer patients that had 1 month to live prior to getting covid were…among many many many others. Hypocrisy.

    2. KC thank you for seeing it for what it was. It doesn’t matter what George did/was. Derek has priors this time he went too far. Now he’s a murderer. I see it as nothing less than being labeled a ” MURDERING COP” My daughters saw this and cried their hearts out, screaming “Mommy the bad policemen is killing him” I ran out of the kitchen to see what was going on. If a child could tell George was dying that messed up wanna be cop knew. He knew he was killing him. You could see it in his eyes. He wanted George to die he knew he was dying and he didn’t let up until Derek knew for sure George was dead. He knew George personally. I vote 2nd-degree murder. Lock him up. Bless you KC stay blessed.

    3. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 it makes sense if it was covid related morbidities that caused the death.

  3. Derek and George actually worked together at the same night club… derek knew who George was… why did he still treat George so inhuman even tho he worked with him

    1. @Brandon Adams If so then, why did they continue to restrain him,
      Why after the xcop on his back check his pulse and seeing he had no pulse and informing the xcop chauvin did they not stop? WHY

    2. @DL M first it’s “malicious” second the professional was in control with approved tactics against a life long violent criminal. At best it’s manslaughter. He abused nothing. A junky died on his watch from drugs while being arrested for a crime.

  4. As an investigator, I would be looking into the secret culture of the police after the dispatcher witness told her supervisor “You can call me a snitch…”. How much illegal activity do they see police do and don’t report?

    1. @Lilly Anderson virtue signal to someone it will actually work on. You’re wasting your time, just as I am. Go ahead and get your last word, just don’t make stuff up about people you don’t know.

  5. If any one had intervened and saved Floyd’s life, they would now be in jail on multiple charges and no one would realize how close Floyd came to dying.

    1. @Alex Hamilton he didn’t die until the cop put his knee on his neck, causing blood to come out of his nose. He was fine until then. Who gets treated this way for a “supposed” fake $20 bill???????? You’re a racist POS!!!

    2. @Alex Hamilton perhaps if Chauvin didn’t have all that racist hate and crazed violence in his system?

    3. @Alex Hamilton What possible relevance does that have? Do you ever think? Or are you incapable as your comment displays.

    4. @Alex Hamilton if people didn’t stop victim blaming America wouldn’t continue to be the shithole country that racists have made it.

  6. It’s crazy how the witnesses feel guilty for not being able to stop the officer or reliving the day to see what they could have done while the cop looks absolutely remorseless

    1. @Issac Mason either way, they can also charge him for it and say he showed no remorse for his actions in court — it’s a double edged sword.

    2. @Issac Mason
      They were remorseless at the scene of the crime.
      Most all cops serve to protect civilians. These cops didn’t treat Floyd humanely. Let alone protect him from death.

    3. @Selah Well i disagree with you. But it doesnt matter what you or I think. if the jury finds him innocent then he will walk a free man. simple as that if not then he wont.

    4. @Selah Well from the entire video and the cctv from the store and witness accounts and coroners account. He had meth and fentanyl in his body and was acting weird. Store calls cops for 20 bucks they arrest him and since he is high af in his car and wont listen to cops and get back in the vehicle which cops are aloud to do. He kept not listening so finally they try to arrest him and he kept resisting then finally more cops arrived and it took 4 men to get him secured. According to police policy since he had a bloody nose and high they had to wait for medical so they did another police procedure which is to contain him on the ground. When cops do put their knee on the neck it doesnt restrict airflow, however in this case George was on drugs that limited his breathing and was litterally passing out in his car so overdose reactions, plus the little restriction from the knee and he also had covid which restricts airflow. In my opinion the cop is not in the right but not in the wrong either. He was resisting which the entire situation couldve been avoided if he just cooperated. And the cops had to hold him till medical arrived. So, partly Georges fault for resisting and being on drugs and commiting a crime with a counterfeit bill. Cop should have been trained more on being able to suspect all the varibles which the drugs that cause reduced airflow and him not responding anymore. Police department on not teaching cops this and performing dangerous manuevers for people under the influence. And to answer your questions. They did treat him humanely, however they need to use enough force to make an arrest when needed and when you have a person resisting 4 people you need to use alot of force. They cant just let him go once he commited a crime. And lastly, cops do more than protect the citizens. They uphold the law of the land which is in their oath they take when becoming a police officer. Just because someone assaults someone doesnt mean they cant hurt him to make an arrest. If the person is resisting they need to use force which will cause pain or death if need be. He commited a crime and needed to be arrested. They tried and he resisted and they held him and many factors came to play. So, there are too many factors to be for sure but from what I have seen so far its more than he sat on him with his knee just cause he wanted to.

    1. @kc Jones maybe, maybe not. He had a drug overdose a couple weeks prior, and when the cops came, he ate his drugs so he wouldn’t get caught which had 5 times the lethal dose of fentanyl. That’s why he couldn’t breathe long before he was on the ground because fentanyl attacks the respiratory system quite quickly.

    2. @Dark One I dont believe he knew the money was fake and that’s the reason why he stayed, there for he had no reason to swallow any drugs.
      And foaming of the mouth is a sign of dehydration.

    3. @kc Jones your opinion is cool and all of that, but the trial is finally going on, and the truthful evidence is finally being revealed. An innocent man will be freed after this.

    4. @Dark One your white ,and white police have been killing black people for a long time and so I understand where you’re coming from. You actually dont see the crime you only see one of your own.
      Birds of A feather flock together.

  7. How much more could a hand-cuffed, lying face-down, with 3 men on his back, comply???? “Please answer this for me like I’m a three year old!!”

    1. @nightstalker1124 So you’re saying because he may have resisted earlier, once he is under control he is to be tortured and the police no longer are obligated to help a dying person?

    2. @Chrissy Corey
      He was acting erratic due to the high amounts of drugs in his system and he is a very large and strong man. The police restrained him as they waited for the ambulance. Just because he stops moving doesnt mean he is no longer a threat. No matter what they did he would have died from an overdose

    3. @nightstalker1124 So let me ask again. how long do you think is reasonable to hold a person down whos unresponsive. In the video I seen it was about 4 mins in before the crowd is telling the cops hes not moving. And im not even taking into consideration he was cuffed and on the ground. How much of a threat can a hand cuffed man on the ground be? Put your hands behind your back, lay on ur tummy and try to get on your feet. you cant do that and attack a person beside you at the same time. I didnt know Ods were considered homicide and that’s what both medical examiners agreed on.

    4. Nothing, he just had to die. That was an intentional murder. The real motive might never be known. The color of his skin is a secondary. That cop ‘thought’ because he was black that nobody would care.

  8. What is really gross after all we have seen so far is if he is found not guilty we will actually see him celebrate in the courtroom even though this was still about the unnecessary death a man. Not sure your innocence would be something you want to celebrate in that situation.

  9. All the witnesses are blaming themselves for not doing more to help and the cop blames everyone but himself for his actions how typical.

  10. If somebody is face down on the ground, cuffed, and has three grown men standing on his back. Why would you even dare tell them to comply?
    I would feel really bad upon is death and could never forgive myself.

  11. I feel guilt for not being able to crawl thru my phone thru the video to help…I can’t imagine how desperately emotionally tortured the witnesses feel. They couldn’t do anything as obviously cops with the attitudes those 3 had would of turned on the witnesses. Those witnesses likely need counselling to help deal with their pain. They are innocent & need to realize that the 3 cops are guilty, NOT them.

  12. I think Derek took advantage of the situation as there was bad blood between the two from the night club.

  13. Derrick needs to be conviçted that is all there is to it. There has been enough out there presented already to have him him conviçted. he does not deserve anything else but prison period.he will get inmate justice upon him after going down for this murder.

  14. I would imagine it would be rough emotionally for all of the witnesses. They probably all think it would be different if they would have done something. On a positive note, its nice to know there are ppl out there who actually care about others.

  15. The difference is Chauvin was enjoying himself, and the bystanders were in distress in watching that.

  16. If Floyd would have kept his knee on Chauvin’s neck for 9.5 minutes, Floyd would have faced first-degree murder charges.

  17. Part of the guilt that all of these witnesses are experiencing is building with intensity over time because of the magnitude and voracity this case has brought to our society.

  18. That’s a seriously courageous old man. He just witnessed a police officer murder someone, and yet he still took it upon himself to approach Chauvin in order to berate him for his actions.

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