Gaetz Probe Started With An Associate Awaiting Trial On Federal Sex Trafficking, Stalking Charges


  1. Rightly or wrongly it sure does make his singular vote against the human trafficking bill a couple of years ago look significant

    1. Right? That’s what I thought then. Only a person guilty of participating should vote against that bill

    1. I still imagine string operations and see matt Gaetz show up with pizza at 17yrs olds girl’s house than under cover officer open the door

    2. Gleefully laughing ,Is it wrong that I find this amusing ? at 17 your a GIRL not a woman, If she was a woman you wouldn’t be in this trouble.

    3. @Buck Fiden~ Uh oh. Someone’s not paying attention. Those were Matt’s exact words, out of his own mouth, speaking to Tucker Carlson. “17 year old _woman.”_ It’s on video for all to see.
      You can apologize any time now. :-/

    1. US was created by criminals sent to the US for punishment…They been criminals day one.

    2. I remember a thee Stooges quote…
      “Don’t look now…but I we’re about to be killed “🍷🤣👍

    3. Pretty sure you mean the republicans are in trouble. Biden is the POTUS and has a clean record. Republican party…so much slime, and so little time/

    1. @K D Cuomo is guilty..he needs to go… From a Democrat. Bill Clinton should have been thrown out of office too.

  2. Am I the only one thinking that Gaetz himself may have cooked up this ridiculous extortion scam to get out of the child trafficking investigation. It is so preposterous that it has to be the work of a grossly inferior mind.

    1. @theskyehiker If you read my post I did not say he was guilty or or not guilty I made a statement of fact about the Justice Department and the FBI , main stream media A lot of people here are jumping to conclusions until the truth comes out it’s best to withhold judgment

    2. @Chris Davis I was making statements of fact concerning the main stream media Justice Department and the FBI we will see if there’s any real evidence such as sworn affidavits and any forensic material like Hillary Clinton destroyed when I askedTo produce it in her investigation

    3. @ruth depew I guess we will see what we will see my point in my post not that GaetzWhat is guilty or not guilty but the agencies in our justice system has been corrupted there’s no disputing that along with the main stream media

    4. @Chris Davis no but if you can’t or won’t see the different way in which justice is dealt out I don’t know what to tell you

    1. @brian nemeth yeah this actually makes me think Barr was up to something. Whatever they should all go to prison

  3. “17 yrs old girl” Gaetz called her a “woman”. I don’t think so. 17 yrs old is still a kid!

    1. @Katie Hettinger That is even more disturbing. It is obvious why he was the only one who voted no. Something tells me he was a band member pushing “pizzagate”.

    2. @Trevor Lee Only the case against Trump and Epstein is with 14 and 15 year olds, even more sickening.

    3. Now it’s known why he voted against the human trafficking bill. He have self interest in it.

    1. Being an attorney himself, Gaetz sure puts out a terrible defense. “The FBI is out to get me” or his “Tucker did it too” but the best one is “go ahead check it out for yourself we traveled separately”. He does realize airports and hotels have security cameras doesn’t he? How will he explain the two of them going in a room together in the evening and not leaving until the morning? Especially if there is any video of them spit swapping in the pool or nightclub.

    1. @Censorship Is real you’re so basic. Not an original thought in that grape you call a brain. All you can do is regurgitate Fox News. 💤🥱💤

    2. Dang, 33 charges so far… Matt, don’t forget the GAS MASK… your future husbands in JAIL will love that TOY!

  4. The cherry on top of the icing of this beautiful cake would be creepy Roger Stone is involved as well and charged. 😆

    1. Would like just once these Top Dogs pay for their wrong doings. The whole Older Beauty Pageant Crew got away with it except Epstein. Over and over again they are able to dance around it.

    1. @Asta Noel “No cherry picking those whom you hate, include both sides of the aisle.”
      I agree. Govt is a sewer and those who choose to swim in it are going to get dirty. The reason I commented was because it seemed you were concentrating on one party over the other. I appreciate the fact you are open to listing all of them from both sides. That is parity and fairness.

    2. @Asta Noel I know, I mentioned some truth about a Democrat and you couldn’t handle it. Why are you such a dishonest person?

  5. I’ve never hoped for the worst for anyone, but for this guy, I’ll make an exception.

    1. @Adolph Hitler you didn’t even have the brains to think of an original name for yourself you racist. You could’ve at least picked the name of a winner instead of a cowardly loser who didn’t even have the balls to stand up for what he did like a man and instead took a cowards way out with a bullet. You admire him so much perhaps you should follow the example of his last act.

  6. Hope social services are now going to look into his “adopted son”, the one from Cuba with not adoption papers😱!

    1. @G WHIZ Oh, I understand, but I hate that you used the word I have called dibs on “Honey” to my in-laws for my”GGrandmother” name! Lol

  7. At the rate Republicans are getting investigated their will be noone to run for them in 2022. Put gaetz behind prison gates.

  8. The more he talks on Tv the worse it looks for him, his lawyer must be pulling his hair out with frustration.

    1. Gaetz story doesn’t make sense either, if the FBI was in the midst of a wiretap they wouldn’t have advised him to go on Tucker.

    2. If you’re someone who’s been entitled your entire life , you simply can’t comprehend that the world is suddenly resistant to your pleas or money

    3. @bloodmoon0746 I’m sure the Republicans do too. If he keeps talking they won’t have to remove him. He’ll be responsible for his own removal. I wonder what his associate who’s waiting for trial will say to say.

  9. I’m not usually “entertained” by political news, especially recently. I find it disturbing, disheartening, upsetting. But this, at least watching Gaetz squirm and tell tall tales, is worth popping the popcorn.

    1. These creepers need a public flogging and I’m here for it. Schadenfreude is good if it’s this well deserved.

    2. Problem is, Florida seems to be a weird mix of Cuban exiles and Northern retirees and snowbirds, and whatever Florida natives there might be. The vote could go any way at any time.

    1. @supererik man there’s only one party, the party of the military industrial complex and wall street.

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