Cabrera: GOP suddenly cares about mean tweets, just not Trump's 1

Cabrera: GOP suddenly cares about mean tweets, just not Trump’s


CNN's Ana Cabrera calls out Republicans for their vocal criticism of past tweets from two of President Biden's cabinet nominees after years of downplaying or ignoring controversial tweets from then-President Donald Trump.

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    1. @john cunningham When Americans stop being pathetic.. we could change things pretty f quickly.. instead we eat Doritos and consume outrage click bait 24/7 and think we’re doing something by b’ing on social media. F’ing pathetic really. That’s not what democracy is. We have to inform ourselves about things that have nothing to do with heroes/villains or good side vs bad side.

      We can all be very, very sure how to reform our democracy and break the two party duopoly as it stands.. we have to be willing to think about things that aren’t what partisan media and click bait political pundits online need so bad for us to keep harping about.. can we be savvy and brave enough to put the weaponized bs down long enough to take responsibility for our young democracy? You tell me.

    2. @Spider Taylor only a bootlicker with no brain of their own would say something so completely moronic. What about the Russian collusion hoax you hypocrites screamed about for 4 years ?

    1. @Sharon Azevedo that would take several life times and I’ve only got one so be seeing you sweetie. Hint: google

    1. Problem is the Democrats have been dishing it…. Hell of alot more..And getting away with it because big tech is behind them …That’s when things get very dangerous

  1. Ah the GOP just doing what they do, twisting and turning anyway they need to, so nice to see hippocracy is alive and well in the Republican party, Rj in Oz

    1. @John Steward reports came out that the riots were pre planned before the Trump speech so the impeachment was a sham, just like the last one.. one prime example of how corrupt the Democratic party is

    2. @Matt Slater that’s why I think America has to find investigative journalism again.. it’s a lost art that we desperately need

    3. @John Steward I just find it hilarious that NOW CNN wants to be labeled an unbiased news network but before they could have cared less.. their news segments everyday was what Trump tweeted that morning.. now they have nothing and it’s showing

  2. The GOP members who stand there and literally LIE about NOT seeing any of Trump’s tweets these last 5 years pretty much says it all about their integrity….and then they have the gall to lambast another person’s tweets……GOP is short for Hypocrisy

    1. Eh…. All politicians lie to cover their butts. If you think that Democrats have been honest 100% of the time then you’re delusional. If you think that the integrity of a person is determined by party affiliation then you’re delusional. Andrew Cuomo and Newsom aren’t exactly in a good situation right now. When a left leaning state like California wants a Democrat out of power then it can’t be good. It wasn’t until Obama left office when Democrats finally admitted that ACA had flaws and needed improvement. They all lie at opportune times.

    2. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya This one is just spamming shoot the messenger, because he can’t argue against the message.

    3. @Cropper Copper lol they showed some of the edited news clips at his impeachment trial they never exactly lied but they edited them to make people believe something that wasn’t true .

    4. @Cropper Copper
      Who said you had to agree with Trump?


      You set up this scenario to try and make me look bad but it backfired and only proved my point further that you let others think for you therefore you are brainwashed

      Case closed

  3. The GOP calling themselves the party of personal responsibility became stupid a long time ago. Now it’s just ignorant.

    1. Skip the rules, skip the hospital, sound fair? If you do not want to wear a mask, get a vaccine , social distance, or wash your hands, no problem, just do not go to the hospital when you catch it. You get to decide what makes sense, the end result is the same. Everyone will catch it, there will be herd immunity, those that followed the rules will have fewer problems and deserve medical care if they need it.

    1. @R G according to me huh? Yeah dont put words in my mouth. Im here to make fun of idiots that buy into the red/blue divide. CNN is a branch of those that would have you believe in the illusion if choice. If you’re dumb enough to buy into either side fighting for you I feel sorry.

    2. @R G sources for what? Do i need a source for the statement “truth hurts”

      Nothing in this video was CNN breaking news. Its all commentary on what is out there. My own personal experiences and conversations with people who lobby congress tell me the red/blue divide is all theater.

    1. @R G
      You suffer from a stunning level of hypocrisy and it’s astoundingly pathetic. This is why Trump supporters should no longer be taken seriously – this level of intellectual dishonesty and cognitive dissonance is disqualifying. If you won’t engage in facts, and refuse to be ethically and intellectually consistent, you forfeit any input as a means of seeking compromise.

    2. @B Briley You must have BS in gender/political science BS . I don’t know what I forfeit and why. You simply enjoy using pompous language with sophisticated words and no real content.

    3. @R G
      In other words you lack sophistication, you have the reading comprehension skills of a 14 year old, and your best retort is a baseless (and false) ad hominem attack. Well, thanks for the admissions. Shuffle off, now… and think twice before joining conversations at the adult table.

  4. They want to “move on” to the “high ground” from the depths of hypocrisy (unseen)..

    ..until they can move on again with (blood free) “hand in glove” of “Agolf Twittler”..

    1. While I don’t want Neera to be confirmed because of policy, isnt “cancel culture” to not confirm because of Tweets? Where is the GOP’s outrage of this “cancel culture”? Oh that’s right….

  5. But she’s right. Vampires DO have more heart than Ted Cruz. She’s just simply stating the facts. I don’t see what the problem is.

    1. @NiNi J Theres a big difference between collusion and interference hommie. Let’s be very clear here. It would be VERY strange if Russia DID NOT seek to interfere in our elections. They have been doing that since at least the 50s. The deranged leftist conspiracy theory is that Trump was in on it which is factually not true per the Mueller report and common fucking sense. Now at some point someone is going to have to point out how many people voted for Trump because of Russia or else you guys are going to have to drop the whole thing. Russia did more to promote BLM then they did Trump

    2. @m jones So we’ve known since March who was at risk and how to mitigate risk. This means that if you die from it it’s either your fault or the fault of the people who are supposed to be caring for you. So the joke is that we should give up all our personal autonomy to the government instead of taking some personal fucking responsibility. Be a man/women and be responsible.

  6. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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