California Assault Weapons Ban Overturned By Federal Judge

Gun safety advocate Fred Guttenberg reacts to a California judge overturning the state’s 32-year-long ban on assault weapons and discusses his new Father’s Day initiative to help prevent dads from losing their children to gun violence

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    1. No it isn’t. Inner city thinks laws don’t apply to them. They already have all kinds of guns.

    1. Why? The federal school systems are underpowerd, compared to most private or community schools, despite more funding on the public school side.

    1. @Unbeatable Joe Dirt Firstly, I am not a liar. Please quote what you consider to be a lie in what I have written.

      Secondly, do you have even an inkling of how dangerous this statement would be if it were to come true *anywhere*: “Basically, if the government can own it then the citizens should too.”

      Thirdly, do you know how stupid this statement is: “Democrats just want to disarm patriots so they can bring in communism.”

      Your country is in much more danger of falling under an authoritarian regime than of becoming communist.

    2. @Kevin Tyerman If you weren’t a liar and actually read history you would know that communism always ends up an authoritarian regime. Under communism the citizens have zero rights. Zero. No hopes. No dreams. Under communism you can’t even own the house you live in. The corrupt government owns it all. That’s what you communists on the left desire. And yes the second amendment was written so that the citizens could ensure that oppressive regimes would never take over America. Since you lack any common sense let me explain it to you. That means the citizens have to be able to forcefully remove wannabe dictators and oppressive governments that try to take over. The only way to do that would be to have arms comparable to what the government soldiers would have.

    3. @Unbeatable Joe Dirt Well you certainly walked that back didn’t you :
      “”Basically, if the government can own it then the citizens should too.””
      “The only way to do that would be to have arms comparable to what the government soldiers would have.”
      Your first statement suggested that private citizens should be entitled to things like ballistic missiles, your second statment no longer does. That does not mean I agree with you, but it at least means that it is not nearly as stupidly dangerous as it sounded.

      You are not actually seeing where the current authoritarian threat lies though, are you? Hopefully it will recede.

    4. @Kevin Tyerman I didn’t walk anything back. That statement proves that left wingers like to see things their way even if it isn’t true. They will lie with a straight face. How can citizens remove an oppressive regime if they don’t have the weapons equal to the government’s military?

    5. @Unbeatable Joe Dirt Okay, so are you saying the likes of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction should be available to all citizens?

  1. Gun owners in the US outnumber all standing Armies on Earth…..Combined !! so Just say NO to gun control and MEAN it …

  2. It’s in Heller, the Supreme Court case that clearly states gun ownership is a individual right. Guns that are used for lawful purposes and common are allowed under the 2nd amendment. Gun manufacturers produce them based on what they believe the demand would be. That’s just a basic business principle. Gun laws only impact law abiding citizens because it’s law abiding citizens who follow the law. It maybe tragic that mass shootings occur but, based on the number of AR15 owners and how a vast majority don’t go on a shooting rampage is proof that it’s not the gun that’s the problem.

  3. Citizens of America have Second Amendment rights because they live and breath — not because government officials have chosen to bestow them with such, as some sort of privilege.

  4. Banning a sporting rifle doesn’t help anyone or make us any safer. Someone who wants to do harm will always find a way. That is human nature and all the bans and legislation in the world won’t change that fact. What we need to do is focus on why these people do what they do and seek a way to prevent them from snapping. Our society has let them down somewhere along the line. Mental health in other words, but that isn’t the easy option and no one wants to do the hard work. Its easy to just say this one specific weapon is the root of all evil. Although nothing will change and the legislation will tighten their mindless grip and the assailants will get more and more crafty with how they carry out their crime. What a delusional world we live in.

    1. Hi from Australia, where we don’t get mass shootings, cause we implemented sensible gun legislation! So try again on your “bans don’t work” nonsense! See if you can come up with something not so easily debunked

  5. Facts matter: The deadliest school shooting in US history happened during a national assault weapon ban, with pistols, one of which was a .22

    1. @Ralph Boyd yes as stopping power a 22 long rifle will outperform a 9mm but if we’re talkin about as in penetrating power then the rose will be reverse.

    2. @Ralph Boyd if I’m guessing you’ve never once raising animal I raise cows sheeps horses Bulls and Hogs and many more if you want the best thing to use on a hog a 22 short or 22 long rifle will be your best bet because when you use a 9mm it is going to run around in circles compared to a 22 short when you put it behind the ear it will go down I’m going off experience more than you can say.

  6. I know, imagine if they had armed teachers to defend students, woooaaah what a crazy idea. Good guys with guns deter bad guys with guns?

  7. Epidemic? That’s the hyperbole the judge was talking about. In 2017 there were 400 homicides with rifles. That includes all rifles. Probably less than half of those by “assault rifles”. 7000 homicides with pistols.

    The judge spoke facts are you deny the facts. You did exactly what he said you’re doing.

    1. In 2018, it was less than 300….216, I believe. Compared to 500 with hands and feet….1500 with knives.

  8. A semi auto AR15 is NOT an assault rifle. For crap’s sakes. We are awash with all kinds of violence. Hammers are the weapon of choice.

  9. No, the deadliest mass shootings were not “because of” the tool. If every AR15 and AK47 style firearm in the USA were magically turned into a garden rake, mass shootings would continue. Things don’t cause people to do evil deeds. Horrible people do evil because of terrible problems in their psychology.

    1. You are an extremely ignorant and stupid person. 99% of mass shootings happen with handguns. Handguns function in the literal exact same function and capacity as any ar15. Loads and fires a bullet with each function of the trigger and action. There would not be a dip in mass shootings at all. What about the nearly 30 ppl who were killed in a Chinese mall during a mass stabbing? What about the nearly 20 people who were killed by some lunatic ramming their car into them? How many people were killed by explosives. You cannot stop violence in the world, all you can do is give sane and moral people the ability to defend themselves against violence, which you are wholeheartedly against. Gun control has been proven time and time again to not work. You have people literally disemboweled in the streets of the UK on a daily basis, violent crime in Australia skyrocketed and in Australia after the ban, and in places like California, you have every gun control law that exists. In California we have assault weapon ban, handgun ban where only 100 government selected handguns you can use, magazine bans over 10 rounds, red flag laws, waiting periods, background checks for every single transfer(that means handing it to a family member or anyone else) let alone for every sale, micro stamping, you literally cannot reload on most rifles because they took the button off, you don’t have your basic rights unless you are 21, ammo background checks, no open carry, no right to concealed carry, ammunition bans, no online sales, and MUCH more that I can’t even think of off the top of my head , and yet we STILL have a mass shooting in San Jose where 8 ppl were murdered. Gun control is objectively a failure by any measure and standard. You cannot tell me that mass shootings will disappear when one happened within the month middle of gun control liberal heaven, and many more like this happen in California. One of the deadliest mass shootings, Columbine, happened directly in the middle of the assault weapons ban. You are just simply false.

      Please don’t speak on things you are ignorant about.

  10. Why does gun voliance happen in “no gun” areas……. ar15 is no more deadly then a 9mm pistol idiots. 100s dead in how many years? Check traffic deaths yearly

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