VP Harris Focusing On Migration In Trip To Guatemala And Mexico

Lee Gelernt, Deputy Director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, reacts to VP Harris’ focus on immigration in her first foreign trip.

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  1. Here’s a thought. How about we tell Mexico to enforce their southern border because after all they are in between Guatemala and ourselves. I even remember when we were free to visit Mexico and Canada without passports but now you have to spend hundreds of dollars just to cross the border of both countries so who is making money off of that deal 🦧🦧. I certainly don’t know of any ports between the United States and Mexico and Canada because we are landlocked countries.

  2. I came to this country legally it took me seven years to come to the United States so they should do like what other people do, legally file papers and wait

    1. @Grumpy Munchkin you’re a joke welcome to YouTube with you’re 3 month account 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ya know I sometimes find these immigration issues at our southern border repulsive. The US has given the governments of these countries Billions of dollars for years. So members of the government’s live happy. I imagine they have nothing in place to assist their citizens But the U.S. is supposed to take them in. Don’t we have enough misery and poverty here?

    1. Yes we have enough misery and poverty here so it is a great hypocrisy to think we can advise other governments how to fix their problems. Meanwhile, however, no Christian or otherwise spiritual person would refuse to help someone who asks for help. It doesn’t matter how many miles, every human being is our neighbor.

  4. *Biden Keeping Trump’s Tax Cuts For The Wealthy*
    It’s the new progressive way of making the same!👍

    1. Clarification – for now, Biden is not touching the 2017 tax cuts for the sake of getting his omnibus bills passed. But he is working on eliminating loopholes, and a plan to squeeze taxes out of corporations. Progressives need to learn patience – Biden has a strategy, not a magic wand.


  6. Biden spend War money on collaboration and cooperation between US, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Congratulations Kamala.
    Biden and Deb Haaland should set up trade and tourism routes. Border tents aren’t as bad as LA’s skid row.
    No forced sterilisations since Traitor Trump’s landslide loss to Biden. Kamala arranged visits to Mexico and Guatemala.
    Follow China’s Poverty Alleviation 5 pronged strategy: develop local industry, relocate, ecological restoration, education and social security.

  7. ..can we do a trade with these countries..take the ones that work and are trying to achieve something ..and send the lazy sleepy self righteous ones we are stick with over there?? I’ve got a list of names and addresses…we can be sports teams instead of countries…let’s trade out some…there are a few here in the comments we can put up..

  8. Tell VP Harris not to come back. She is ruining this county just like she helped ruine Commyfornia.

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