What we know about investigation into London vehicle attack

Omar Sachedina reports on what's known about the suspect believed to be behind the vehicle attack in London, Ont.

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    1. This is Canada but yeah, if he could have somehow voted for Trump I’m sure he would have.

  1. At this time anything some anonymousb hadAyou can’t discount what officials say unless you show greater proof.

    1. No one is jumping to conclusions. The charges against a defendant are always made public. Funny how you’re so worried about that but have no concern whatsoever for the family that was killed.

    2. @Jackie Paper there’s nothing funny about potentially causing a mistrial for clicks after this dude plowed a whole family. If you really want justice don’t try to pervert the system.

    3. @Jackie Paper it must be exhausting to live an existence wherein, with absolutely no supporting evidence, you just assume everyone is malicious.

  2. Unless there’s definitive premeditation, and or physical or digital evidence, a terrorism charge will be hard to prove.

    Hate crime. Accurate. Terrorism charge. Likely not.

    As for jury selection. Will take extraordinarily longer due to the high profile publicity of this case.

    There must be plenty of undisclosed evidence to back this claim vs a quadruple ‘criminal negligence resulting in…”

  3. Just because one islamophobe was an extremist doesn’t mean we all are. Quit being hateful. Islamophobia is a religion of peace.

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