1. Rebuilding homes in fire zones makes no more sense than rebuilding in southern Louisiana. Southern Louisiana is crimblining into the Gulf of Mexico faster than ever and California does not have enough water for all their people. Climate migration is our present, not our future. California could build massive desalinization plants, but there is no way to replace the soil loss in Louisiana.

    1. @aarqa When did I do that? “Not everyone lives in fear.” Sounds like I’m saying that some people live in fear and some are just concerned.

    2. @Video Time Capsule Antarctica was tropical when that continent was located on an entirely different spot on the globe. Continental drift.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera If the ice melts, people can migrate there. Or we can burrow…like all the mammals did. 👍

    1. Keep in mind that this is California, and that snow machines are generally used by the snowboard crowd.

      The manufacturer assumes that the hose attachment is self-explanatory.

      It didn’t say ‘water’ on it anywhere on it, just ‘snow’. That must have been very confusing for the ‘bruhs’ in the snowboard crowd.

  2. I hope they can contain the fire.
    That aside, let’s take a moment to appreciate GN’s slick looks and his speech about science and climate – 😤 hotter than the wild fire! Somebody give a glass of cold water, please! 😤

    1. recall that miscreant Newsom. Here’s real science: got fire fuel? You got fire. Clear the brush already! 0.08 degrees C every ten years is not the problem.

    1. @Vinny Holiday yeah climate change is a hoax. Most of these so called natural disasters are created by the elites to keep us in a constant state of fear and to buy up more land. Watch as the fire burns tons of homes and black rock will buy them. And if you think we can’t control the weather. Nikola Tesla was able to manipulate the weather in 1927 and even created earthquakes

    2. Doesn’t the climate change every season? Democrats play you for the fools that you are. You believe anything they say on tv. Democrats know this

    3. @Christian V tesla never controlled the weather. Youre sadly mistaken. And elites buying up land is what happens when the rest of the population doesn’t make enough money to buy land themselves. Yet you support anti government politicians that will essentially ensure elites maintain power. And no image change is very real, just because actions of powerful people are occurring along with climate disasters doesnt mean they caused those disasters…..they’re just being opportunists and you are enabling them.

  3. Wasn’t funding for fire prevention and forest keeping shunted else where? Why aren’t we talking about that

    1. @Dr I00 wow that was quite a gish gallop of non sequiturs. Lots of opinion based on denial. I love how you juxtapose “climate activities [sic]” with oil company executives and shareholders. “They won’t talk about that”

      You’re quite ridiculous

    2. @Tessmage Tessera just the rich ones….the ones that aren’t rich are referred to as useful idiots. It’s Marxism 101.

    3. Now now, if we did that, how would we ever scam scared people into giving NGO’s and the WEF all of their money and control?

    4. @StormJet No, it’s much better when scared people are scammed out of their money by churches, gun manufacturers, and “alternative medicine” like in the old days.

  4. Smash mouth reality is they refuse to heed the warnings of conservationists and conduct controlled burns in an effort to reduce this very thing from happening.

    1. they do controlled burns where ever possible.

      Have you ever been to north CA? its wilderness area is bigger than whatever flyover hole in the ground you live in. thousands of miles of woods largely inaccessible to people due to the dencity of forestation

  5. The good news is, people will be able to buy tickets to ride a rocket fueled piece of metal into our outer atmosphere in the near future.

    1. And each visitor to mars and other plants will be asked to bring back some of those scarce metals needed to keep our electronics running faster and faster. “Catch an asteroid and put it in your pocket…”

  6. Humanity will be its own destruction. Battlestar Galactica, Idiocracy… they all predicted the future that nobody wanted to believe.

  7. If one were to do there home work they will find this is not abnormal. ( They are making it harder to go back past 1960) The weather changes dramatically in different places at different times

  8. Dang, Manhattan is getting a lot of rain. Perhaps Hansens prediction that the west side hightway would be undwater by 2018 will come true now, only 3 years late

  9. Shows the incompetence of the California governor more than some socialist Democratic gibberish about climate change.

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