1. Bro, not tryn to be negative, but gotta look out. Back in 2016 I saw a similar size wall to a path to a door come down when the snow from roof slid off and shifted it. It buried 4 ppl, 3 were small children. I had to dig them out and it was ugly. I urge you not to rely on that path as is as the snow begins to melt and shift. Sry for Karen novel bud, stay safe ✌️

    1. As someone who grew up dealing with a lot of snow, this is great advice and could save lives or at the very least prevent serious injuries. You have to start knocking it down a little at a time. Melting will happen quicker than you think. The snow on the roof will start to slide off. Please be observant and careful.

    1. Hopefully, you have removed the snow from your outside furnace vents. So you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide, and you’re able to remove the snow from the roof and make these paths wider. Be safe!

  2. You do know your roof cannot support all that weight unless it’s steel. You need to clear that roof!

  3. Mother Nature 💘 is Amazing and You Sur are Just as Amazing for the perseverance in completing your part in the overall scheme of winter,
    Beautiful Job 😍🥇

  4. Whoaaaa….so crazy! Thank you. Don’t let that snow sit to long on your roof….not made for that weight. Canadian born ….transfer to Texas. Snow (my street name)

    1. I agree. He needs to get out there and get rid of the snow on his roof. Probably should have done it a week ago.

  5. The weight can collapse your roof. It happened to a house I lived in and there was a blizzard but was not as much snow as you have.

    1. Came here to say the same. If he can manage to get up there and shovel all that. Then work on the rest

    1. Life long Californian here, and I have yet to live in an HOA. They are pretty rare here. Especially in the unincorporated portions of the Sierras.

  6. I wonder how many snow shovels he’s gone through. That snow thrower has been worth every penny.

  7. Try not to be on the roof or right above the roof when you try to remove the snow from the roof. Remove some snow around the edges of the roof (on the outside of the walls of the house) and then try to pull snow from the roof over the edge in layers of about half a meter, while standing on or on the outside of the wall. This way you would not need to stand on or above the roof, at least not until a lot of snow already has been removed. This amount of snow didn’t fall in one day, the snow should have been removed daily or continuously as much as needed. Maybe it was too cold idk, but this result is very dangerous. Because it’s very difficult to remove the snow from the middle of the roof. If you keep a few meters of snow in the middle of the roof and remove the rest of the snow from the roof, it will have a different force onto different parts of the roof. When you’ve removed one or two layers of snow from the edges of the roof it might be possible to push the snow that’s still in the middle of the roof (by using a pole or large stick with something attached to it) to the edges of the roof so that it’s evenly spread again and can be pulled over the edge of the roof again. Good luck, hope everything will be ok.

    1. This may work however easier to be on roof. And you don’t wanna clean the edges because then you loose your traction. Start in middle work your way out till you have 1 side left where your ladder is at. How I do roofs .

  8. I am so praying I’ll see a video of your completed diligence to remove all of that and that you and your family are safe and sound.

  9. Be careful of the additional weight on your roof!! There’s a real danger of a roof collapse!!! Also, those tunnels could collapse on you!!!

  10. Man, I’d be very afraid to sleep in that house. The weight on the roof of all these small buildings may be too much to hold. Best wishes to you and yours, sir.

  11. Ran a snow removal crew and every winter was like this. Had to hire extra crews to remove 8′ walls just to have another company clear the roofs a couple days later and dump it on the walkways. They removed that snow and paid for several windows and doors they broke. Fun times.

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