Why Israelis are protesting government’s push to weaken Supreme Court

Despite weeks of protests, the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, pushed two key elements of the sweeping judicial reform bill that limit the Israeli Supreme Court's power. CNN’s Richard Quest discusses this with Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron. #CNN #News


  1. The whole government needs to be thrown out and just start over again. There needs to be a whole set of rules put in place, such as no lobbying (bribery)
    Deactivate the cia and fbi.

    1. Same thing Donald Trump wanted here. Two beef supreme leader like his heros, the dictator’s around the world.

  2. Regulation over interventions is the only cure. When an industry asks for deregulation, they are asking for permission to do something dangerous.

    1. I say deregulate it then…let the Israelis learn how the Palestinians feel.

  3. I hope everything works out for 🇮🇱 for the better and everyone is happy with the decision. God bless you America is praying for you have a good evening.

  4. Least they have not lost their sight of right & wrong ,the (judicial reform) is not who they are ,that’s why they are protesting against the wickedness leading them into captivity ,and that is priceless and the salt of the earth, i hope they never lose

  5. *_Israel has national healthcare and virtually free education while America has debt. Why is America giving AID to Israel?_*
    *American AID to Israel: $3.8 Billion each year*
    *American Military AID to Israel: $38 Billion*
    *American yearly guaranteed loan to Israel $8 Billion*
    *No hate! I’m just trying to understand it while paying off my student loans.*

    1. @Trisha I think you’re overthinking this. Russia being the biggest producers in Uranium doesn’t matter much. The goal is to keep people dependent on Russia by keeping other countries from other sources. Not to mention Ukraine is abundant with other important minerals other than uranium.

    2. The only money Israel gets from the US, is the result of a peace treaty the US brokered, between Israel and Egypt, and Egypt gets the same. And Israelis pay for their own healthcare, with wage deductions. And its pretty bad. Nor is Israeli education cheap or free. If you serve in a combat position, you get a small educational stipend, that is a lot less generous than our GI BIll.

    1. Why would they waste their time😑😑 the Constitution is not even working with the country that originated it

    2. B.S… I live in Canada and same as u.s. a majority of 9 judges have final word on if anything is “constitutional” based on vaugh sentences in the constitution. It turns democracy into tyrany of 5 of 9 judges. Regardless if I like Any outcome.

      Legal process should deal with individual cases and common law as needed. Not legislating from the bench.

  6. Anyone remember when they came to America and said it was in America’s best interest to pay Israel so they can tell us who don’t like us?

  7. The constitution of Denmark doesn’t allow for an independent high court or central bank either, so I don’t understand what this fuss is about. We are getting along fine in Denmark.

    1. I’m not sure you can look at one detail and compare it with other nations’ constitution. Denmark does not have a president but a prime minister, and that’s an important variable regarding the constitutional change in Israel. Though, not the only one.

    2. @Demoj Rovtlinsky No, the comparison is apt. Both Denmark and Israel have PMs. The Israeli president is not elected by the people, but chosen by the Knesset, to be a figurehead. He is supposed to stay out of politics. Neither Israel or Denmark have a constitution, and when Israel began, the courts weren’t allowed to overturn laws. They illegally grabbed that power for themselves, and it needs to be clawed back.

    3. @Deborah Freedman We have a constitution and it guarantees that there are no power besides or over Folketinget (our parliament).

  8. This reporter guy doesn’t get old.. I remember seeing him on CNN since I started to learn English at the age of 8 lol

  9. Notice how this whole conversation is not about the people..or what they want. It´s about money and the reign of the banks. This guy is not defending his policies to his voters..he is briefing investors and interest groups.

  10. I find it really sad when issues of profound moral significance are devalued by advocates who frame the case in terms of economic benefit. The value of issues (such as judicial independence, minority rights, the integrity of nature, public health, foreign invasion, etc.) are intrinsic. They are valueless. Otherwise, are we to believe that judicial independence and democracy would not matter if they did not presumably increase GDP?

  11. Israel under Bibi is seen a lot of development and even developed friendlier ties with several neighbouring Arab States which was considered a pipedream.

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