California Recall ‘Is All About Money’ Says Former Gov. Jerry Brown 1

California Recall ‘Is All About Money’ Says Former Gov. Jerry Brown

With the California recall election just days away, there are some encouraging signs for Governor Gavin Newsom. Former California Governor Jerry Brown joins Joy Reid on the nature of recall elections, and why he believes the GOP frontrunner Larry Elder must be defeated. 
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    1. Things may start to get very bad very soon. Click on that red icon to the left there, watch a short video or two, leave a comment, if you want to.

  1. “…Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob….”
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    1. @Marcos Juarez re-read my comments… S… L… O… W… L… Y! Perhaps, the truth will then hit you like a generous burst of scentilating new found knowledge. Good day to you young man!

    2. @Stirling Nguyen You do not ANY reading comprehension skills because you think that know but you DO NOT WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! YOU DID NOT OUTLINED ANYTHING! YOU ARE AN EMPTY CAN, TRYING TO MAKE A LOT OF NOISE!!!! You are a empty can because you are antagonizing and villainizing centrists and moderates like myself for calling us an “organized mob”!!!!

    1. @MrKly123 The gluttons for punishment are in Texas and Florida. We don’t want a trumpeter putting people in the ICU and women in burqas.

    1. @d Chico Oh…that’s right….I forgot about that because of the government land-grab that’s been going on for decades….but I don’t think they’d open that up ….just saying…..AND NOW they’ve got all that burned-up land that they could develop.

    1. @Rick Sanchez I couldn’t say, but as a tradesman, there are all sorts of masks to choose from. Shoot, look at the people in most of our local businesses, they’re sporting face shields, some protection is better than none. I mean when you let your kids run free, don’t you set them up for success? Bike helmets when they ride, wrist guards when they skate, ear plugs and safety glasses when they shoot, cough medicine when they’re sick, etc, etc

    2. @thom wessels my bad, I had to sift through the comments to find what you were referring to… And I agree that what you wrote does sound stupid. If you reread what I wrote, the question I posed is this: don’t you think political candidates ought to have some experience for the office they’re running for?

    3. @Rick Sanchez we are on the same page, indeed. My apology for misreading your statement, Rick. Thank you for calling it out to clarify!

    4. @Aaron J That is NOT the post I responded to, genius. Reread my post in response
      to yours. Slow way down this time. You need to absorb all the nuances of English.
      They’re tricky for those like you. Take your time, get back to me. I’m listening.

    1. @Al Jirou California has a larger economy and population than the bottom 20 states COMBINED but just 2 senators vs. 40 which is why California needs to secede triggering a blue exit and the end of the murikkkan empire.

    2. @Bob Tomlin Young people and Immagrants have everything on the Bus or on their backs. Don’t need a Uhaul you are Right!

    3. @omi god How unfortunate that you think it’s only about people who supported Trump. I don’t blame you–it’s all about algorithms; you are not seeing in your feed how many blacks and Latinos, along with lots Democrats and Independents are fed up with this guy.

  2. MSNBC cites CNN and complains about elder while having zero negative press about Newsome tells you everything you need to know

    1. @FirstName LastName We’ve normalized the extreme radical leftists policies so much that if you’re a moderate conservative you’re considered “extreme”.

    2. @FirstName LastName the side calling elder “the black face of white supremacy” isn’t extreme? Please elaborate on that point cause it’s actually concerning.

    1. Newsom has 81 Billion Dollar Surplus and didn’t have a single hospital built for the Apparent COVID overflow…

  3. LOL Read where the poll was conducted. “Berkeley” That should tell you everything about MSNBC.
    “Nah, we’re not biased”
    Yeah and my father is Gandhi.

    1. You still butthurt because you got rejected by the UC system? Well when you have a D average in Grade School, like you do, it’s expected.

    1. @Mack Jr Bell If you are such an expert maybe you should help you’re president speak proper English and complete a sentence.

    1. @spliffsperlunk if they would be honest about how much money they (their family, and campaigns) take from special interest groups like oil, media, gun, green, foreign countries, etc. capitalism baby!!!

  4. Imagine supporting a Governor that is trying to build a high speed rail system that flies past the poor neighborhoods but connects LA to Silicon Valley.

    1. imagine CALIFORNIA building a high speed rail line that serves 10% of all Americans … or the total of the 17 least populated states *combined*

  5. Ever thought of interviewing him instead of using cut and paste headlines?
    You interview Jerry Brown but not Larry Elder?
    So telling.

  6. “Here are these completely accurate stats to prove how right we are and how wrong you are. Numbers don’t lie, now fall back in line”

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