Calls for Breakdown of Guns Collected Under Amnesty | TVJ News – Nov 22 2022

Calls for Breakdown of Guns Collected Under Amnesty | TVJ News - Nov 22 2022 1


  1. None of those guns showed was resent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ weapons lay on the table seized in us New York.
    Rifles on the tailgate are Weapons seized after triple murder involving Jman in Mobay.

    the last set recovered in waterford vs gulf war Wah day.

    I want to see those 101 gun brought in

  2. What the prime minister is saying about new crime measures sounds good. But because we are used to so many false promises, we would like to know if any of these nice sounding words will be made law before the next general election. Obviously zozo and curfews is not working. We need stringent laws that directly affect crime and criminals. Both political parties needs to come together to get rid of Dons, Gangs and the wicked extortion system that is plaguing Jamaicans and also creating more criminals.

  3. U knw here in America most man go jail for is violation of probation. So wen a judge gives a repeat offender probation they knw 99.9 percent they going right to jail. But they just going say I gave u a chance.

  4. I want those criminals in prison for 50yrs. The police will find them with their guns. Just like how the high crime masterminds are going one after the other to America prison from Jamaica.

  5. 90 guns and over 2000 rounds were turn in under Amnesty??? You know how we Jamaican slick…. Where are the prove or probably those guns and ammo were collected donkey years ago, so they might use those guns and ammo………….cause nuff shouting taking place now… I would like to see the breakdown of this data/record

  6. Jamaicans just need to support the government and stop playing politics. If we want a change or better Jamaica it’s we the individual to start with.

  7. They gave up one of their many guns. Just like when ninja man gave Adams one of his gun. So far Adams knows what going on behind the scenes.

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