Weapon Seized from man Seen Pointing Gun at Woman in Viral Video | TVJ News – Nov 22 2022

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    1. Exactly!!! People always want to be outraged but never offer actual solutions. No one knows if she was hiding a weapon herself. You can’t be too careful and a deterrent had to be presented just to get her to leave him alone. After he already displayed that he didn’t want to be bothered.

    2. @rudeboy5127….What do you mean? Obviously she wasn’t armed and if he waited for her to get that close, he could have waited for her to walk away. He didn’t pull the trigger so hopefully he will get his firearm back.

    3. @Negreta Unstoppable Imagine this scenario: What if he does wait? Think about it. What if he decides to not do anything. What if he said: “She nuh look like a threat.” And then let his guard down. And then he finds himself on the ground, bleeding…. He is later rushed to the hospital…. He doesn’t make it.

  1. The license firearm holder did nothing wrong she tell that man he have acid in his back and will show it on him the man pull his firearm nothing is done wrong

    1. Wrong; she had NO weapons. He DID do something wrong. His life wasn’t threatened in any way. Someone a fraction of his size, with no weapon, does NOT justify threatening the use of deadly force. Period. End of story.

  2. So should he have waited for to spit on him or something that’s why he have a license firearm to protect him he did shoot her he used it to scare her off the man who made the video his the same one I see having s🖐🏾x with the mad woman allegedly how does he fell now his business is out there too

    1. Sorry; but to say he’s trained and licensed to carry a deadly weapon and to threaten to use it against “possible spitting” is just ridiculous.

    1. Not true; he DID do something wrong. His life wasn’t threatened in any way. Someone a fraction of his size, with no weapon, does NOT justify threatening the use of deadly force. Period. End of story.

    2. @Dave Huntsman So what would you do if a persistent mad woman was walking up to you? Think about it…. If this woman talked up to you, and you tell her to leave you alone, but she doesn’t listen. What would you do…? Would you run or defend yourself?

    1. I disagree. Threatening to kill without cause is not something you give a warning about; you were trained to NOT do exactly what he did. He’s lost his right to carry the firearm, at least temporarily.

    2. @Dave Huntsman I understand what he did wasn’t right, but bare in mind he didn’t cause any harm to her also none of us knew if the gun was charged. A Warning should be possible for this situation.

  3. I’ve interacted with that woman she is a threat, she will walk you down until u give her money, she saw me Monday and because I know how persistent she is I gave her money and ran

    1. wow, what a threat. I guess you dont know the answer no and how to keep it moving. from where I stand, she would be a great sales person but in her rights, she is a great beggar . People might be getting dumber and dumber due to global warming because i am not sure what a walk down is and how that affects you … poor guy is afraid of a woman who weighs 80 pounds walking him down. I would call you a woman organ but I will refrain and call you a TAMPON

    2. @Dave Huntsman deadly force implies that he used his gun to shoot the lady, he just simply showed her she was a threat and the minute she recognized she was a threat to him she pulled back and so did he

  4. The man feal threated, even when him did a back away the lady still a try come up to him, the man a try protect himself, give back them man his license

  5. So this man is who you take a gun from. Not the criminals who show guns every day but I guess your working with them. What did that woman have in the bag? Go get the damn criminals you waisting people time with this crap.

  6. This incident shows how backward Jamaica is, this man did nothing wrong,go find out what was said by the female he talked her down until he had no other option.

  7. The man had a valid reason and the individual who video it was wrong for call out the man license plate number, this may put this man life in danger

  8. Why’s this something we are wasting our time on. A gun is giving to someone to protect themselves period 😳

  9. TVJ’s cover on this is so unfortunate and whoever the manager is who gave the go ahead on on this report should be fired.

    The real issue here is mad people, homeless people, drug addicts and other criminal elements like “loader men” etc are in the city and town areas unmanaged.

    Jamaica is a tourist attraction and we are not effectively tackling issues that affect tourism.

    Also the person who captured the incident was immature and reckless in his handling of the matter. It should have been sent to the authorities and left there. If it was and there was a leak the firearm holder should seek counsel and secure his safety.

  10. We see the agenda at hand ✋. The man did nothing wrong he pulled his forearm in order to protect himself from a potential threat after efforts to de escalate failed. You people do not want law abiding Jamaicans to have the means to protect ourselves and it shows. You cannot confiscate a mans firearm on the basis of a video snippet.SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!!!

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