Messi ‘Him Flop too Much’ | TVJ Sports Commentary – Nov 22 2022

Messi 'Him Flop too Much' | TVJ Sports Commentary - Nov 22 2022 1


  1. Cr7 fan but oral you a mad man, Messi is just one man, he did what he had to do on the field instead of always calling out Messi just say Argentina the team. At the end of the day Messi only play one position on the field not defense or mid field

  2. They buying out Argentina matches… Hence y messi playing so messy. You have to understand that the saudis have the big money so they aint just gonna lose or exit the world cup like that. Moreover they already have who they will make win the cup not necessarily who play for the cup.

  3. Poor logic, his performance in 2014 was arguably 1 of the best individual performances in any world cup but football is a team game, when u have a misfiring forward and the only other attacking player that’s delivering gets injured in the semifinal what can you expect? Higuain got a free goal and made nothing of it in the final. Messi won them the game against Bosnia, won the game against iran and won the game against Nigeria, all him, all individual performances, he scored 4 and assisted 2 of the 8 goals Argentina scored, where was the rest of the team, compare that to Maradona in 86….

  4. Don’t blame Messi, he has mostly been quite good for his country. The problem is the supporting cast of mediocre players. And to compound matters, the country of Argentina carries a bad karma. They have, for many years now, basically obliterated, eviscerated and oppressed the Black population of Argentina. Blacks born in that country have no citizenship there. God nah sleep! People need to read and research what Argentina is doing before they jump and support that country so passionately. It’s the apartheid country of South America. I love watching Messi play but I don’t support Argentina as a country. And, furthermore, I’m not just talking about what I read, I’ve actually visited that country.

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