Calls For Cease-Fire: ‘The President Can End This With One Phone Call’

"The President needs to end this, and he can end this with one phone call," Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) told Ayman.

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    1. In THE ILIAD, a minor scene is of a meeting of various gods on the battlefield of the Trojan War. They couldn’t reveal their identity and didn’t want to call attention, so they disguised themselves as vultures.


    2. @TheManiacOnWheelsUSA don’t apologize to me, apologize to the congressman who thinks it will be overnight

    3. @Mike Bryant I don’t think you understand the point I was making, it was sarcasm. Aside from that I spent almost 20 years in the military, been to the Middle East multiple times, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    4. @mikeboydus
      Being a vet has zero to do with understanding international relations.
      Say directly what you mean instead of being sacastic if your serious.
      You’re not serious though…just another worthless troll

    1. @Paula Gray Hamas was created by israel as a anti Fatah/pla wing, they admit that and now they use it as cover for every other ‘security measure’ they take including confiscating land, attacking international media etc.

    2. They’ve been fighting for decades. It’ll never end. And a phone call from Biden isn’t going to stop it. And , frankly, those UN resolutions are useless.

    3. @Dabbler Deluxe yes, Hamas was Israel’s Taliban. But I’m sayin the U.S. hates Hamas because they’ve killed Americans.

    4. @Paula Gray Sounds like you voted for him though. I hope and pray that you see through BS in the future.

  1. Clinton, Bush, Obama: “We support a two-party state in Israel.”
    Stable Genius: “WRONG!”
    Jared: “And we have now solved Middle East peace!”
    Israel: **releases the bombs**

    1. There are three states that used to be the Palestinian territory: Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. The Arab league refuses Israelโ€™s right to exist, which is the root cause and problem.

    1. @grandma k. it would help if you elaborated a little and defined what post of mine you’re referring to.

    1. The CIA worked with usa and israel to put ppl like Pinochet . lol sure they are not in the same side

  2. Being friends with someone (or a country) does not mean sitting idly by and not speaking against them when they are wrong.

    1. actually thats exactly what it means when ur the US.
      have u even heard how the japanese are planning on dumping over 1 million cubic tonnes of radioactive waste water into the pacific?
      i doubt even 1% of americans have heard about this.
      but hey u guys friends with japan so let it happen quietly.

    2. @Paula Gray the only people i see wanting to call off the olympics is japanese citizens but i think they want to call it off because of covid.

  3. It’s very simple: Biden needs to call Netanyahu and simply say, “Cut the crap, or no more foreign aid for Israel and no more arms deals.”

  4. I’m watching the guy who got a rocket in his kitchen “his kitchen still looks better than mine” FML

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