The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Explained By Raf Sanchez

Raf Sanchez lays down key background on how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted into violence.

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    1. My perception of this was to show the colossal difference, highlighting the dreadful actions Israel has taken, when they’ve already taken so many lives and done so much damage themselves.

    2. @Marilyn O On the other hand, Israel has only suffered so little casualties because of their defense. They have had around 2000 missiles rain into their city’s, civilian, not military occupied. Unlike the HAMAS which has set up their base of operations in a civilian occupied city. Whatever way you put it, the HAMAS are in a bad light. Whatever their actions led to, their intentions were to level a Israel city with civilians in it.

    3. @Reversed Somebody on here said something to the effect that – “depending on when / where you begin explaining this conflict – you’ll find a different reason and a different side to blame it on.” I’m sure that’s true – – in this case, and every and any conflict around the world. But an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. And unfortunately – at this era of weaponry, now we’re talking about an eye for an eye leaving the whole world dead. I wish each and every being on this planet – sincere and absolute peace and well being ! Mindfulness (also known as emptiness) can help a LOT !!! God help us all !

  1. The pathitic answer from US Government fuled this. if US have told Netanhau instant to stop or face the concequences form a issolation if they did not stop this, lead to this. You cant expect Israel with its extreme rightwing governemt to react with modesty when they never feel any concenquences for the actions. Is very simple.

    1. @Brian Jones the recket didnt start thw fight it was isrealis court which rulled plastenian could be evicted from thier homes .

    2. @Brian Jones no, Israel should stop encroaching on Palestinian land. By the way Israel srtated the aggressions this time and that is a fact.

    3. One could say that Israel is using forced reparations.
      Sounds good for the people receiving them. Not so good for those paying for them.

    4. @Brian Jones Israel starter this by kicking Palestinians out of their homes in East Jerusalem. ” if I don’t steal it, someone else will”…. Go watch the video of the settler saying it like this to the Palestinian home owner… And the crazy part…the settler isn’t even from Jerusalem or Israel…he is from Brooklyn NY lol

  2. I appreciate this reporter’s attempt to impartially discuss the events leading to today. But I take issue with the use of “evictions,” as these Israeli efforts have been much more forceful than what we here in the US would call “an eviction.”

    1. Can you get along with no electricity; dirty water, no voting rights, no travel rights, arbitrary evictions, no healthcare rights, random harassment & assault from police? Can you get along if you are viewed as less than human?

    2. You don’t understand the Middle East do you. People have been saying that about sunni and shia for Millenia.

    3. Not when a piece of land is of religious significance. If both sides practiced their religion less, we would probably see a way out of this.

  3. Its conflict everywhere. It will never end. Because hate and some evil person will always be around.

  4. The title should be corrected to: ‘Recent Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Explained’.
    The overall conflict, and what “brought us to this point” has been going on much longer than April 13th, 2021

  5. I thought Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, started firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip first

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Israel will give it back when America gives the land back to the Native tribes. In other words…never. The Palestinians know this, so I’m not sure what firing rockets at Israel really accomplishes.

  6. Does anyone see a possible route to peace while Hamas is in power? It is just not possible. Maybe impossible without Hamas, but for sure not with Hamas in power.

  7. “The Pro-Israeli Propaganda Delivered By Raf Sanchez.” There… I fixed the title for you.

    1. Did you listen to this ? Because what i heard are facts not painting Israel in a good light.

    1. actually, Palestine is not an enemy of the US. Netanyahu is a modern day Hitler. I have standards who I consider my friends. Do you?

  8. Simple solution here.
    Stop shooting rockets into Israel, and Israel will not shoot back at you.

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