Calls for Jamaica to Remove Queen as Head of State | TVJ News - Nov 30 2021 1

Calls for Jamaica to Remove Queen as Head of State | TVJ News – Nov 30 2021


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  1. Jamaica love to follow this should have happened long time ago they should have removed that Extortion family long time ago,I just hope they don’t give any half naked celebrity who walk around and showing their body in public any hero roles in our country.

    1. @Junior James A lot of Jamaicans have been followers and copy cat of other people culture and laws and that is why we are in this spot and that includes politicians.

    2. Your right about Jamaica but Rihanna has done many great thing. Has nothing do with her being in entertainment she transmuted that energy into something positive for her country

  2. From England bring in the law that all Jamaican must get a visa to visit England Jamaica should run wey the queen, how the queen is the head of state of a country but still citizens must obtain a visa to travel to England.

    1. I used to be pro- republic but then when I see the faces Jamaicans who refuse to leave england kicking , screaming and crying they don’t want to return to Jamaica. It makes me realize we should focus more on the views of Jamaican citizens rather than petty feelings towards the monarch. Getting rid of the queen won’t stop hundreds of Jamaicans from running back to her .

    2. I use live in curacao which control by the Netherlands 🇳🇱 they just buy their tickets and fly over I totally agree with you

  3. If they decide to introduce more crime in Jamaica it is done , but if. Is somthing for the better in Jamaica that not gonna happen especially with this current prime minister, for 40 plus years nothing change in Jamaica the economy grow by a whopping 1 % Holness will be the last man to remove the Queen as head of state he prefer a seat on the pricey council to serve the slave masters.

  4. Yes true you can remove the Queen of head of state, but will make no deferent west indies didn’t benefit from the Queen of England

  5. I never thought I would see the day that Jamaica would be following likkle Barbados! Jamaica needs REAL leadership with intelligence and vision, not this government who are clueless!

  6. Who is the queen, she will be removed don’t worry too much Jamaicans. My hope is built in the Lord.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. Are you willing to give up the bible they gave to you too an pick a traditional african religion to follow

  7. Change is inevitable. Don’t lose hope for Jamaica. Real leaders are going to step up and make positive change. Don’t worry yuhself. Keep your faith strong

    1. We need to stop taking orders from foreign countries and make our own laws,we need to get rid of the gun culture and the crime problem That Plaguing our country.

    1. Notice how it’s our black women who are the true leaders, like Nana Yaa Asantewaa the African queen who led the army and fought against the British. I don’t believe a male Bajan Prime Minister would’ve had the backbone to remove the queen, our black men pander to the West too much. It takes a woman to do it everytime

  8. Plus Jamaicans are required to have a visa to visit England. All other countries that still have the Queen as head of state are not required to have a visa to visit England but Jamaicans do. So what is the benefit of us having them being the head of our state.

    1. a visa u fret pon go and do your home werk with propper research
      then u will see why Jamaicans need visa learn the pros and cons b4 you argue your points about who should b our head of state

  9. Jamaican have no back bones , we are weak, not educated enough about our history and we like others to rules over us. Those countries who parted from the queen , are strong people’s.they decided they own people’s future.

  10. Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery. Hail-up Queen Nanny the one and only. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲. It’s time for Real Freedom.. Time to grow up.

  11. So after 60 yrs Jamaica can’t even amend their laws but all of a sudden now they want laws to remove queen ? 🤔

  12. The state Jamaica is in now with crime and everything else , how would they possibly cope with becoming a Republic? Barbados is in a far better place. I am a Jamaican and is really saddened at the state of the country in comparison to what it was when I was growing up. ( I am 67 yrs old)We need to be realistic, and start thinking about sorting out the country before thinking about becoming a Republic. SWEET JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE! 🇯🇲

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